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Celebrate Life & All It Brings!

Life is for celebrating and creating memories with family and friends. To preserve them, I write about those memories here on my blog. I write about the parties I plan, the travelling we do – especially to Walt Disney World, and the lifestyle we live.


I have a passion for planning parties… From our wedding in 2009 for 150 guests to a birthday party for my son to a barbecue with my siblings and their partners (there are 4 of us and we are very close!). It doesn’t matter how big or how small the event, I’ll plan it and theme it and make it as memorable as I can! 

My family and friends know that if there is an excuse to celebrate or have a get-together you can count on me to plan something or have a party ready at a moments notice!

You’ll find my PARTY posts here.


Who doesn’t love to travel? It might not always be to far flung places, but getting out of the house, and away from your normal surroundings is always a great experience. We love days out, weekend city breaks both in the UK, and in Europe, as well as our annual trips to Walt Disney World! 

I share trip reports from all of our travel experiences here on my blog, as well as wanderlust articles of places we would love to visit.

You’ll find my TRAVEL posts here, and my DISNEY TRIP REPORTShere.


I cover a range of LIFESTYLE topics on my blog.

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