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Christmas Eve boxes have grown in popularity over the years. Maybe people have always done them, or maybe they’re a new tradition borne from blogs and social media! Whichever it is, I think they’re fab!

Now that my son is grown up, I’ve decided to organise a box for hubby and me and make a Christmas Eve Box for Couples. Read on to find out what I’ve put in ours, and some other suggestions that I think would make a great addition!

Christmas Eve box for couples

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Christmas Eve Box For Couples

Now that I come to think of it though, when I was a child, my mum always used to buy my sister and me matching pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve, and we were allowed to open one little present each from under the tree. When my other sister and brother came along, she would still do this for all four of us.

I actually carried that tradition through with my son when he was a little boy; and even now that he’s all grown up, we all still open one little present each from under the tree. So ultimately, the Christmas Eve box is an extension of that, and probably all the other traditions people have, the world over!

Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve Box

First of all, you’re going to need a box! Now, any old box could do, but why not make it special, and be part of the tradition and buy a personalised Christmas Eve Box from Personalised Gifts Shop.

Personalised Gifts Shop sells a variety of different sized boxes and different designs on top, so have a good look around and I’m sure you’ll find one that is just right for you!

I was sent the wooden hinged box which measures approx. 28cm x 28cm x 13cm, and can be personalised with text up to 20 characters long. I had mine engraved with “The Ordever Family” and “Christmas Eve Box” I love the simple, but so sweet design with the various Christmas decorations hanging on the line, and the two little robins whistling on either end!

Christmas Eve Box

Since this is a Christmas Eve box for couples, the contents have a little bit more of an adult touch – but come on, it is Christmas, so some fun things have gone in too!

We’re all grown-ups here, right? If it were definitely just my husband and me for Christmas Eve, I would spice up our box a little bit more, with some 18+ goodies, but just in case the boy (he’s still called that, even though he’s a grown man!) does decide to stay home, I’ve kept our couples box PG ish… apart from the booze!

But hey, it’s going to be your couples Christmas Eve box so put exactly what you want into it!

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box For Adults

Christmas Movie DVDs 

There are so many fab Christmas films to choose from! I’ve got a list of 50 Christmas movies here for you to look through.

If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any of the other streaming services, check out their Holiday collection, I know I’ve found some movies gems I didn’t even know of! Add them to a favorite list and have them ready to go!

Here are some of my personal favorite Christmas movies:

Popcorn, Snacks & Seasonal Treats

  • Popcorn – Buy the ready-made kind, or pop your own. You can’t watch a film without popcorn! Check out these 50+ Popcorn Recipes for Movie Nights.
  • Sharing bags of chocolates – you can buy the big bags like they have in the cinema at home these days, so get your favourites in!
  • Seasonal goodies – it could be mince pies, stollen, marzipan fruit, gingerbread men, or [like in our box] lebkuchen!
  • Chocolate liqueurs – so 80s, but so traditional at Christmas!
  • Cheese & biscuits – another popular Christmas tradition (in our house at least!)
  • Local takeaway menu – probably a good idea to order in advance though!


  • Booze – I bought a couple of spirit and mixer cans as they fit so nicely in the box, but it could be a bottle of wine/fizz/beer. And if you’re not a drinker, there are plenty of soft drinks for “adults” these days to choose from.
  • Mulled wine – or cider. You can buy the sachets of spices and make it yourself!
  • Hot chocolate – don’t forget the mini marshmallows and whipped cream!

Christmas Games & Activities

  • Gingerbread House – Why not buy a gingerbread house kit and build it together. Or buy two kits and have a friendly competition!
  • Mr & Mrs Game – based on the television game show, the travel edition sits perfectly in the box, and is a fun way to learn some things you might not have known about your partner!
  • Christmas ornament – start a new tradition and buy one each year. Maybe choose a theme, or have one engraved with something special. Or you could make one together!
  • Christmas Lotto tickets – there are often extra prizes on the Lotto on Christmas Eve – you have to be in it, to win it!
  • Scratchcards – pick up a couple of festive scratchcards and try your luck!
  • Playing cards & poker chips – we love a bit of a gamble at Christmas!
Christmas Eve boxes are growing in popularity - especially for kids, but what about one for the grown ups? Check out this Christmas Eve Box for Couples with lots of fun ideas to put inside!

More Ideas For Christmas Eve Box for Couples

  • Festive socks – so our feet don’t get cold! You could buy new PJs, or novelty slippers!
  • Blanket – not shown because it’s propping everything up in the box, is a snuggly, cosy blanket!
  • Pyjamas/Onsies – matching if you want to be really twee!
  • Christmas mugs – for drinking one of the aforementioned drinks!
  • Festive candle – to light up in the bathroom while you have a relaxing bath before the crazy of Christmas Day!
  • Bath bombs / bubble bath – there are lots of festive scents at this time of year!
  • Massage oil – for possible sexy time if the kids are in bed/or out!

Christmas Music (Spotify Playlist)

Christmas CD – it’s not Christmas for me without my Michael Bublé Christmas CD!

Or you open listen to my Spotify Playlist where I’ve put together 3+ hours of festive tunes!

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