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Looking for Baby Shark Party Food Ideas? You’ve found the right place!

If you’re planning a Baby Shark-themed party, we’ve got tons of awesome food and drink ideas that you can serve at your party!

Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

Get ready to make a splash with an array of delicious and creative shark-inspired treats!

From sandwiches to desserts to drinks, these shark party food ideas will delight little kids, big kids, and adults alike!

So, let’s dive in and explore these ocean-themed foods that are sure to make your party a memorable and tasty experience!

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Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

Baby Shark and that [annoyingly!] catchy Baby Shark song continues to entertain kids the world over!

If you have a little one that is as obsessed with Baby Shark as my nephew, it’s quite likely that a Baby Shark birthday party is on the cards.

I threw a Baby Shark theme party for my nephew’s 2nd birthday, and I have got all the Baby Shark birthday party ideas you could need!

From 17 Free Baby Shark Party Printables and DIY Baby Shark Party Decor to the fun shark-themed party food and drink recipes in this post, The Purple Pumpkin Blog is your one-stop shop for all things Baby Shark Party!

Since I’m in the UK, I’ve listed British food items that may not be available in the US or elsewhere. I know US food pretty well, so I tried to give some alternatives where possible.

Once you see what I served, you may even come up with your own party food ideas that your birthday boy or girl and their group of baby shark friends will love to eat!

Baby Shark Party Food & Drink Ideas

What kind of food should I serve at a Baby Shark Party?

Make sure you’ve got a good mix of food that appeals to everyone at your party.

Remember, you’ll probably have adults as well as kids to feed, so keep that in mind while planning your buffet.

Don’t forget to check if you have guests with dietary needs – plant-based (vegetarian or vegan), gluten-free, kosher, etc. Use our fun ideas to cater to their requirements.

Offering a variety of healthy eats, some tasty snacks, and a few sweet treats, along with some cool drinks, will make for a well-rounded party feast.

This way, everyone can find something they love and enjoy a balanced meal that hits the spot.

Download the Baby Shark Party Food Labels from our Baby Shark Printables Set so that you can let the party guests know what food is being served.

I kept things really quite simple for my nephew’s party, serving a main dish, a few sides, some snacks, dessert, and drinks containers filled with mocktails.

But I have several more ideas that I didn’t serve, which I’ve put together in this list of Baby Shark party foods.

Just mix and match to create your perfect Baby Shark Party menu!

Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

Baby Shark Party Savory Food Ideas

Fish and Chips: Serve crispy fish fingers (fish sticks) or fish nuggets with chips (French fries). I was able to find fish-shaped nuggets, which were perfect!

I served fish and chips inside my free printable Baby Shark Popcorn Cones.

Fish and chips are easy to eat with your fingers, so there is no need for cutlery/flatware.

Remember to provide salt, vinegar, and condiments like ketchup, tartare sauce, and mayonnaise.

Baby Shark Fish'n' Chip Cones

Shark-shaped Sandwiches: Make sandwiches using shark-shaped cookie cutters and fill them with various fillings like:

  • Ham
  • Cheese
  • Peanut butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Tuna mayo/salad
  • Egg mayo/salad
  • Turkey
  • Or something else entirely!

Cut them into triangles to make Shark Fin Sandwiches.

You could also make Shark Subs, cutting out triangles from cheese slices for teeth and using olives as eyes on top. Take inspiration from my Monster Sandwiches that I made for Halloween!

How about filling mini croissants with ham and cheese and then inserting googly eye picks – instant Crabwiches! Be mindful of letting guests know that the eyes are not edible.

Another fun idea is using green tortilla wraps to make Seaweed Pinwheels! Add whatever fillings you like.

Shark Pizza is another tasty savory option. Use shark cookie cutters to cut the pizza into fun shapes.

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Ocean Floor Crudités

I love theming even the most basic of foods for young kids’ parties, and the humble plate of chopped and mini veggies is a place where you could get creative with it.

Other fun names you could use: Sea Bed Veggie Platter, Sea Creature Crudités, Coral Reef Crudités, and Ocean Veggie Platter.

Arrange an assortment of cut vegetables such as baby carrots (which I called crab legs at my nephew’s party), cucumber batons (sea cucumber), cherry/grape/baby plum tomatoes (jellyfish), celery sticks (seagrass), radishes (sea urchins), broccoli and cauliflower florets (coral), sugar snap peas (pipe coral), endive leaves (sea lettuce), baby corn (sea anemone), baby sweet peppers (rainbow fish), green beans (sea serpents), bell pepper slices (squid or octopus tentacles), onto a platter or board in a fun way.

You could arrange the veggies in waves around a bowl of dip, carve a shark from a cucumber or zucchini (search images online – there are tons of examples!) and use it as the centerpiece, place the vegetables in the shape of a shark, serve individual portions of crudités in cups with a dip at the bottom.

Or make a squid/octopus from a couple of bell peppers like I did! It was really simple to make!

How To Make A Bell Pepper Octopus

  • Hollow out two red bell peppers (or the color of your choice)
  • Slice one of the peppers into strips for the tentacles.
  • Slice a sliver from the bottom of the other pepper so that it can stand upright.
  • Cut an olive in half (I used a black olive, but pimento-stuffed green olives would work great here).
  • Use a cocktail stick (snapped down to size) to skewer the olives onto the front of the whole bell pepper for eyes. For safety around kids, you could use uncooked spaghetti in place of a cocktail stick.
  • You could fill the cephalopod’s body with dip or sit him inside a bowl of dip.
  • Place the pepper “tentacles” around the body of the octopus/squid and serve!
  • You could use this technique to make a crab too. Cut thicker strips and cut notches for claws.
Baby Shark Party Food Idea! Bell Pepper Octopus

Shark Dips

To pair with the crudités (and crisps/chips – see below), you will need some dip.

I mixed some blue food coloring into a bowl of hummus and swirled it about to create the ocean, and stuck a few triangular tortilla chips to mimic shark fins poking out of the water. I named it Shark Island Atoll.

It’s so much fun to come up with themed names, so how about Shark Attack Salsa (just a bowl of your favorite store-bought or homemade tomato salsa, it’s up to you.)

Guacamole could become Seaweed Dip, and Ranch could become Ocean Spray Dip!

Here are some great party dips you could also make:

Fun Shark Snacks

As I said earlier, I am in the UK, so the crisps/potato chips/snacks we have available may be different from what is available in your part of the world.

I served the crisps in small beach buckets, which added an extra layer of fun to the party spread!

You could also use small plastic fishbowls too (they’re also great for serving drinks!).

Of course, I tried to come up with names for all the snacks:

  • Clam Shells – KP Prawn Cocktail Skips (UK), but in the US Tostito’s Scoops would work well.
  • Spiral Seashells – Salt & Vinegar Twirls (UK) or Fritos Flavor Twists (US)
  • Shark Fins – Tortilla Chips – Blue Tortilla Chips would be even better than regular ones!
  • Pipe Coral Ends – Onion Rings (UK) or Funyuns (US)
  • Sea Slugs – Wotsits (UK) or Cheeto Puffs (US)
  • Driftwood – Twiglets (UK)
  • Fish Food – Burton’s Fish & Chips (UK) or Goldfish Crackers (US)
  • Shark Teeth – Walker’s Bugles (UK) or Bugles (US)
  • Shark Bait – Gummy Worms. I know these are not savory snacks, but I included them here because I served them in a bucket too!

Shark Bites

Create a tray of shark-bite-sized snacks – food on sticks is always fun!

You can keep it simple with a cube of cheese with ham and a cherry tomato or cucumber, or get fancy with Caprese Skewers.

If you’re in the UK, you can’t forget the 70s and 80s classic – cheese and pineapple cubes on sticks.

Check the image further down of a cucumber carved to make an alligator (it’s with the watermelon sharks) – use that as inspiration to make a Cucumber Shark!

Cucumber Feta Watermelon Skewers are a refreshing summer choice, and while not served on sticks, these Mozzarella Stuffed Grape Tomatoes are always a hit.

Meatballs on sticks are a fun option, as are mini hamburgers, chicken satay, or mini corn dogs!

Or use this shark bites mold to make some pigs in blankets with a twist!

Seafood, of course, would be perfect (it depends on how fussy the kids are, but grown-ups are likely to appreciate a fish appetizer). Any of these will go down well and stay on theme:

Baby Shark Party Desserts

Time for something sweet!

For my nephew’s party, I made a plate of Baby Shark Sushi with Rice Krispies Squares and gummy sharks.

I also made some Shark Infested Jelly Cups (jelly = jello) which was really simple to do:

  • Place 1-2 gummy sharks into small 2oz-5oz cups.
  • Make some blue jelly (jello) according to the package instructions and pour it into the cups.
  • Place in fridge to set.
  • When set, top with whipped cream (from a can) and place another gummy shark on top.

Or you could make these cute Swimming With Sharks Jello Dessert Cups.

Baby Shark Infested Jelly Cups

Baby Shark Popcorn Mix is another easy-to-make sweet treat.

Print and make some Baby Shark Popcorn Boxes for it, or place the popcorn into bags as party favors.

Shark Bait Trail Mix: Trail Mix is a tasty combination of sweet and savory and easy to put together, and it would also make a great party favor.

Combine a selection of these suggested elements to build your trail mix:

Goldfish crackers, Cheerios (life preserver), blue jellybeans (bubbles), gummy sharks, Chex/Shreddies (rafts), Bugles (shark teeth), pretzels, mini marshmallows (jellyfish), M&Ms, banana chips, and other dried fruit.

And speaking of party favors, these Shark Hot Cocoa Bombs would be fun too!

Watermelon Shark: Put your pumpkin carving skills to work and turn a watermelon into a shark!

Here is a great step-by-step tutorial showing you how to make a watermelon shark or do an image search for other styles.

Depending on the type of shark you carve, you could fill it with fruit salad or have it as the centerpiece on a platter of chopped fruit. (Much like the bell pepper octopus on the crudités plate.)

Watermelon Shark Fins: Cut triangular slices from melon and place them onto popsicle/lolly sticks.

Shark Fruit Salad Skewers: Use shark and sea creature cookie cutters to cut shapes from different types of melon (and other fruit, depending on the size of the cutters), which you can then thread onto bamboo skewers.

Or cut fruit into triangles and call them Shark Fin Fruit Skewers!

Shark Attack Fondue: Chocolate fondue/fountain machines were all the rage a few years ago, so if you happen to have one (we still have ours), why not use red chocolate instead of regular chocolate?

Provide a variety of different dippers – fruit, marshmallows, pound cake, mini donuts, and pretzels are good choices.

Kids and adults alike love the novelty of a chocolate fountain!

Baby Shark Cupcakes

For my nephew’s Baby Shark Party, I skipped making actual cakes, choosing to buy them instead from the supermarket!

Fortunately for me, at the time, there were mermaid-themed baked goods, so I was able to quickly change the theme to a Baby Shark birthday cake by using my free printable Baby Shark Cupcake Toppers!

Easy Baby Shark Birthday Cake!

But if you have to make your own cupcakes, simply use a boxed cake mix or your favorite recipe (here’s our best vanilla cupcake recipe), and decorate with blue frosting or a mix of blue/white or green/white frosting. Add some sprinkles and a topper, and a Baby Shark Cupcake Wrapper.

Or adapt one of these cupcake recipes to suit the Baby Shark theme!

Baby Shark Cupcakes

More Shark-Themed Desserts

And finally, in the Baby Shark desserts category, here are some more shark-themed dessert ideas that would be perfect for your Baby Shark dessert table!

  • Shark Chocolate Bark: Melt some white chocolate and blue candy melts and swirl together on a baking sheet covered with parchment. Top with gummy sharks, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, white chocolate pretzels, and Swedish fish (or any shark or ocean-themed treats). Leave to set, then break into pieces.
  • Shark Marshmallow Pops: Place a large marshmallow onto a lollipop stick. Draw a set of teeth in a curve onto the front using a black edible ink marker pen. Dip the marshmallow into melted blue candy melts around the teeth, and add a small candy eye on each side. Leave to dry, then wrap and stick a blue paper fin around the stick.
  • Shark Popsicles: Tint some lemon-lime soda with blue food coloring (or you could use a blue sports drink if you prefer) and pour it into popsicle/ice lolly molds. Add a gummy shark (or two) and add the stick/lid to the mold.
  • Shark Candy Kebabs: Skewer Swedish fish (or other gummy fish candies) onto a bamboo stick and top with a shark gummy. You could also skewer them onto sturdy straws for the littles.
  • Baby Shark Ice Cream Floats: a mixture of beverage and dessert!
  • Shark-Infested Ice Cream: Make a batch of No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream and add some blue food coloring to it as well as some shark candy. Make it into a sundae with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. You could also cut (use a warm knife) triangles from a thin bar of chocolate and make shark fins to poke into the ice cream.
  • Shark Oreos: Dip some Oreo cookies into melted blue candy melts. Cut small triangles from some matching blue fondant, and attach them to the top and sides of the cookie. Add candy eyeballs, and use red and white icing tubes to pipe on the shark’s mouth and teeth.
  • Baby Shark Cookies: Use our decorated sugar cookie recipe and guide to make shark-shaped cookies. Plate them up as dessert, or bag them up for a party favor. Or use Baby Shark cookie cutters on some store-bought dough!

It’s pretty easy to top any ready-made dessert (pudding cups, jello, cheesecakes) with a shark or shark fin – either gummy candies or ones you make using a mold and fondant or candy melts.

Similarly, you could use the printable cupcake toppers – they don’t have to just be used in cupcakes.

Baby Shark Drink Ideas

Baby Shark Party Drinks

You can’t have a party without drinks! For added fun, why not make some shark fin ice cubes?

I served three different drinks in drinks dispensers for the Baby Shark Party I threw for my nephew:

  • Blue Ocean Water Mocktail: I added a few drops of blue food coloring to lemon-lime soda (fizzy lemonade to us Brits!) and this mocktail was done!
  • Chum Bucket: A mixture of fruit juice – I used pineapple juice, orange juice, guava juice, and cranberry juice to turn the drink red. You can use any fruit juice mixture you like.
  • Seaweed Water: Another fruit juice mixture – I used pineapple juice, orange juice, guava juice, and white grape juice. Once again, you can use any fruit juice mixture you like.

Shark Mocktails & Cocktails

Essentially, any blue-colored drink can be turned into a shark-themed mocktail or cocktail.

Add gummy sharks as decoration, or use a red syrup such as grenadine for “blood”!

Or why not place shark candies into an ice cube tray with red or blue water to make fun ice cubes.

I hope this list of Baby Shark Party Food Ideas (and drink ideas!) helps you to devise a great menu for your party!

And if this isn’t enough shark-themed ideas for you, check out all the things I’ve saved on my Pinterest Board!

Baby Shark Party Food & Drink Ideas!

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