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Create the Holidays – A Series of Festive Ideas!

Welcome to Create the Holidays (formerly Create Christmas) – a series of festive ideas!

We started this series in 2012 to share seasonal holiday recipes, crafts, printables, and ideas.

As well as Christmas, there will be posts for Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, New Year, and all the other things celebrated during the winter months!

Create Christmas - A Series Of Christmas Ideas

Create the Holidays (formerly Create Christmas)

Anything we share on The Purple Pumpkin Blog that is winter holiday or Christmas-related is part of this series. You’ll find various recipes, crafts, printables, and other seasonal ideas in Create the Holidays!

This page is the central hub for the Winter Holiday and Christmas series over the years. Click through each year to be greeted with all ideas for that year – enjoy!

Create the Holidays 2023

Coming soon!

Create the Holidays 2022

We shared a host of Christmas party printables, new printable Christmas characters to build, Kwanzaa printables, charcuterie board ideas, and many recipes and crafts.

Create the Holidays 2021

A variety of holiday appetizers, cocktails, crafts, and printables.

Create the Holidays 2020

I shared a TON of recipes for winter and the holidays, as well as great crafts and printables to share with you.

Create Christmas 2019

Many fun paper crafts, including Disney ornaments, build-a-Christmas characters, and winter animals. There were cake recipes, cocktails, mocktails, and other drinks, and some crafts were thrown in for good measure, too!

Create Christmas 2018

The year of the roundups! This means a lot of ideas not only from The Purple Pumpkin Blog but from the blogging community at large, too. I turned one of my Christmas characters into a felt ornament and had planned to do more, but time ran away from me. Here’s hoping for 2019!

Create Christmas 2017

Billed as one of the worst years of my life, again, it meant that my blog suffered. We also took a much-needed family holiday for 2 weeks in December, accounting for the lack of posts. But there were cocktails, mocktails, and Christmas Eve box ideas for adults.

Create Christmas 2016

2016 was a bad year for me, and it reflected on my blog, too. But I still got out some Christmas ideas, with several free printables, including 3 different printable Olafs!

Create Christmas 2015

This year saw the introduction of my cute, chubby characters, which appeared in my free printables. It was also a very quiet year in terms of the series, as I only published 14 posts.

Create Christmas 2014

The year that it became “Create Christmas”! There were more sweet Christmas recipes this year, and I think it was the first year I also included New Year’s in the series.

Create Christmas 2013

I shared a variety of alternative (to turkey) Christmas recipes, as well as some festive crafts and printables.

Create Christmas 2012

My first Christmas series was “Cook, Craft, Create Christmas”. I shared Christmas recipes, handmade gift ideas, printables, and crafts.

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