How To Throw An Awesome Halloween Tiki Party!

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If you are looking for a fun and different Halloween party theme, then why not a Halloween Tiki Party? Take a classic Hawaiian theme and give it a spooky twist with skeletons, pineapple Jack-o’-Lanterns, tropical cocktails and party food, Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and tiki statues! This guide has all you need to throw an awesome Hawaiian Tiki party for Halloween!

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How to thrown an awesome Halloween Tiki Party

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Halloween Tiki Party

Tiki culture is a motif of exotically decorated bars and restaurants catering to an escapist longing for travel to tropical regions of the South Pacific. Featuring mock tiki carvings and complex, alluringly named alcoholic drinks, it eventually spilled over into residential recreation and larger cultural awarenessWiki

When I think of tiki, it’s a mixture of things – tiki masks and statues, Hawaiian and Polynesian islands, tropical drinks, pineapples, and coconuts, and everything has a cool 50s or 60s vibe to it. I have always loved the art, style, and history of this region and visiting one, two, or more of these far-flung islands is firmly on my bucket list. The closest I’ve got is staying at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando.

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Maui TikiGod Statue
Maui the Tiki God Statue at Disney’s Polynesian Village

Halloween Tiki Party Planning

Now, depending on where you live in the world, you may be able to have your Halloween Tiki Party in the back yard, or even by your pool. But if like me, you live in a place where it’s cold and probably raining out, your shindig will have to take place indoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the tropics!

Whether you hold your party inside or out, I’ve cut out all of the hard work for you, and rounded up everything you need to know about throwing a spooky luau!

I am the queen of last-minute party planning – I don’t know why, but I just thrive on it! I may have an idea in my head for months, but don’t take action until quite late. And because of that, I am always so thankful for Amazon Prime!

Knowing that millions of products are at my fingertips, with options like same-day and one-day delivery (depending on item and geo-location) means I can pretty much always find something I need last minute. (I have been known to order stuff the day before a party!)

There are lots of things to consider when planning a party (of any kind), but the most important (I think) are these:

  • Decorationsonce I start shopping for a party I can’t stop! I’ve shared an awesome selection of different items below that I think would be great for this haunted Hawaiian theme!
  • Bar and Food Buffet Area a no-brainer here – set up a tiki bar! Details further down!
  • Food & Drinkyou can’t have a party without either of these, and I’ve got lots of recipes for you to choose from – details with the bar/buffet.
  • Music/Entertainmentsetting up a playlist is so easy with Spotify! I’ve got a huge Halloween Playlist you can use – and mix it in with my Hawaiian Luau Playlist and music is sorted. I’ve also included other entertainment ideas towards the end of this post.
  • Costumeeveryone dresses up for Halloween, so you’re going to need an outfit!

Halloween Tiki Party Decororations

To decorate for this Halloween party theme you are going to be mixing the tropics with the spooky and creepy!

Then, when summer comes around you can use the tropical stuff to throw a luau out in the sunshine - I love when decorations can do double duty!

Tropical Foliage Garlands

Photo Credit:

Hang lots of tropical foliage across the entryway for guests to walk through. I love using garlands to hide stuff from view (like all the junk under my staircase!).

Spider Web Decorations

Photo Credit:

These stringy cobwebs are a staple Halloween decoration! Combine with the foliage garlands, and use everywhere else you can - there is no such thing as too much!

Tropical Leaves

Photo Credit:

Place a selection of tropical leaves along the top edge of hanging garlands. They could also be used as liners for platters or trays for food and drinks.

Orange Flowers

Photo Credit:

These orange flowers remind me of candy corn. Attach to hanging vines, scatter on the food or dessert table, or get crafty with them!

Silk Rose Flower Heads

Photo Credit:

Combine small black flowers with the orange ones and make leis for your guests to wear at your Halloween tiki luau!

Plastic Assorted Bugs

Photo Credit:

Time to get creepy with a ton of creepy-crawlies! You can attach these to garlands and flowers, or stick a line of them going up a wall... gross!

Marigold Garlands

Photo Credit:

I need something pretty to counter those bugs! Hang bright flower garlands amongst the vines and cobwebs.

Purple Flower Garlands

Photo Credit:

As well as orange, purple is another Halloween-y color (to me at least!) I love these artificial wisterias.

Hanging Decorations

Photo Credit:

I love hanging things from the ceiling, mix up regular Halloween decorations with foliage and flower garlands.

Orange & Black Party Kit

Photo Credit:

I discovered these decoration kits recently and I love them! If you are careful when disassembling, you can't get multiple uses from them too.

Bird of Paradise

Photo Credit:

I love these flowers as they are totally tropical, but also a bit alien looking - perfect for Halloween!

Black Roses

Photo Credit:

Place a bunch of black roses into a vase and drape with cobwebs and (fake!) bugs.

Halloween Skeleton

Photo Credit:

Dress a skeleton up with a grass skirt or Hawaiian shirt. Prop near the bar, or stand in the entrance.

Box of Bones

Photo Credit:

If you don't have space for a whole skeleton - use individual bones to decorate with.

Halloween Animal Skeleton

Photo Credit:

I love these animal skeletons! They add more creepiness to your Halloween Tiki Party.

Zombie Skeleton Flamingo

Photo Credit:

And if you can have an outdoor party, you need to stake these flamingo skeletons into the ground!

Enter If You Dare Creepy Sign

Photo Credit:

I envision lots of vines, flowers, webs, and bugs covering the entryway - and this sign hung nearby!

Light Up Welcome Sign

Photo Credit:

Another sign option - I love the skull motif and the black planks for the background.

Gold Glittery Banner

Photo Credit:

This type of banner is great for hanging across the top of a door. It's one you could DIY if you have the time.

Halloween Banner Sign

Photo Credit:

Another similar type of banner (could also DIY!). I love the skulls and the red on black text saying "Enter If You Dare".

It's Tiki Time!

You can't have a Halloween Tiki Party without tikis can you? Here are a few suggestions for you to consider!

Tiki Totem Poles

Photo Credit:

These (cardboard) tiki totem poles would look awesome flanked on either side of a door.

Tiki Cutouts

Photo Credit:

Tiki statues naturally have a spooky vibe to them, so place them wherever you have space!

Hand Carved Tiki Masks

Photo Credit:

If you love tiki like me, then you might invest in some wooden masks and use them for other parties.

Tiki Paper Lanterns

Photo Credit:

These paper lanterns are awesome to hang from the ceiling. Pop battery operated tealight candles inside of them.

Battery Tealight Candles

Photo Credit:

Safer than regular candles as you can leave them glowing without supervision. Buy different sizes to create a spooky ambiance.

Solar Torch Lights

Photo Credit:

These solar lights with realistic dancing flames are perfect for lining the pathway to your party. Or you could fill buckets with sand and spike them in that - just don't forget to charge outside before use!

Tiki Statue & Solar Torch

Photo Credit:

I am totally buying one of these for my garden! I already have several tiki statues, but not one with a torch!

Skull String Lights

Photo Credit:

The photo of these lights look awesome in a pile don't you think? If you can't be outside and set up a fire pit - set up a fake one inside with these!

Bat String Lights

Photo Credit:

They're purple, they're bats - I love them! I've actually got the spider version of these lights and the look so cool!

Pineapple String Lights

Photo Credit:

Finally, we're taking lighting back to the tropics with these awesome pineapple lights. Why not suspend a few spiders from them?

Watermelon Jack o Lantern


It’s Halloween, so where would we be without a Jack-o’-Lantern or three?! But since we are embracing the tropics in this party, why not carve out a pineapple, a watermelon, or even oranges!

I’ve got 100+ pumpkin carving patterns for you to download should you wish to stick to the traditional fruit!

Jack-o'-Lantern Carving Tools

Pineapple Corer

Photo Credit:

Use this smart gadget to hollow out a pineapple to make tropical Jack-o'-Lanterns! Use the flesh in recipes and cocktails.

Pumpkin Carving Kit

Photo Credit:

If you want to carve a traditional pumpkin for Halloween, then you need a pumpkin carving kit. So much easier and safer to use than a kitchen knife.

Setting up a Halloween Tiki Bar

Now, you could build your own tiki bar - which is what I (well, my husband and dad) did for my 40th birthday luau - everyone loved how awesome it looked!

But if you don't have time for that, you can set up a tiki bar really easily at a table - you just need the right decorating supplies.

Raffia Table Skirt

Photo Credit:

Using this stuff is by far the easiest way to transform a table into a tiki bar. Add some tropical leaves and flowers from the decoration section and you're pretty much good to go!

Black & Orange Table Skirt

Photo Credit:

If you'd rather bring in more Halloween colors then why not this black and orange grass skirt trim instead of the natural rafia style. You could still add tropical flowers and foliage.

Tiki Bar Hut

Photo Credit:

Until I had my tiki bar built, I considered this kind of tiki bar hut with a collapsible frame and roof. Add lights, a few bugs, and string lights!

Pineapple Skull Head

Photo Credit:

This is actually sold as a pen holder - however, wouldn't it be perfect for paper straws, cocktail picks or swizzle sticks? Yes. Yes, it would!

 Pineapple Ice Bucket

Photo Credit:

Someone you know might have an original, retro pineapple ice bucket from the 60s, 70s, or 80s, but if not, you can still buy one! The ultimate it tiki kitsch!

 Inflatable Tiki Cooler

Photo Credit:

Throw a whole load of ice into this tiki cooler and stock with your bottled or canned beverages of choice.

Tiki Drink Dispenser

Photo Credit:

I am a big fan of drinks dispensers for party cocktails and mocktails. Just fill it up and let guests serve themselves.

Skull Drink Dispenser

Photo Credit:

Another dispenser that would look amazing on a tiki bar counter for Halloween!

Tiki Mugs & Glasses

I collect tiki glasses, and have a bit of an obsession with them! Their very design makes them great for a Halloween tiki party, shake up and serve some tropical tiki cocktails!

Tiki Mugs

Photo Credit:

Tiki Coolers

Photo Credit:

Tiki Drinkware

Photo Credit:

Tiki Mugs Drinkware

Photo Credit:

Skeleton Tiki Mug

Photo Credit:

Tiki Silicone Ice Mold Tray

Photo Credit:

Tiki-themed ice cubes for drinks or punch bowls! You could also use this mold to make desserts!

Halloween Ice Cube Tray

Photo Credit:

Spooky ice cube trays - to make ice, or use candy melts to make Halloween candies.

3D Skull Ice Mold

Photo Credit:

These ice sculptures are awesome. We have this mold and the skulls look great in single drinks - on the rocks!

Cavity Spiderweb Shot Mold

Photo Credit:

Molds 8 shot edible shot glasses imprinted with a spider web design, perfect for Halloween! Use with ice, gelatin, or candy.

Bamboo Paper Straws

Photo Credit:

Need straws for your drinks? I think these paper straws with a bamboo design will look so cool in your tiki cocktails and mocktails!

Tiki Swizzle Sticks

Photo Credit:

Liven up your drinks with these fun and attractive swizzle sticks. Can be re-used time and time again - for Halloween Tiki and Summer Tiki parties!

Coconut Palm Tree Umbrellas

Photo Credit:

All tropical cocktails need an umbrella, and I thought that these ones were a great alternative to the usual bright colored ones.

Monkey Picks

Photo Credit:

These are so retro I love them! They remind me of my childhood (I grew up living in a pub!) and my dad serving cocktails in the bar. So. Much. 80s!

Food & Drink Supplies

Whether you are going to serve cocktails and canapes, a full-on buffet, or drinks and desserts, you will need several things to serve food and drinks in and, on!

3 Prong Forks

Photo Credit:

I love foods on sticks, and these devil forks would be great to use at any kind of Halloween party. Why not make some deviled eggs with wasabi or chili for a real kick!

Skull Toothpicks

Photo Credit:

These picks are great for foods like olives, pickled onions, or cheese cubes. They would also be handy for cocktail garnish like maraschino cherries, or other fruity garnish.

Skeleton Hand Food Picks

Photo Credit:

Another great spooky-theme pick - for food or cocktail garnish. You could also potentially use these as decorations in cupcakes.

Ants Food Pick

Photo Credit:

I thought these looked cool and gross at the same time - everything you need for Halloween! Place on a tray with tissue paper "grass".

Broomstick Picks

Photo Credit:

How wicked are these? Skewer garlic shrimps onto them or use them as swizzle sticks in cocktails.

Tiki Pick

Photo Credit:

These little tiki flags can be used in so many ways! I would just stick them in every piece of food I could find, just to remind guests it's tiki time!

Tiki Fruit Kabob Sticks

Photo Credit:

For a healthy treat, skewer fruit onto these tiki sticks. Or for not-so-healthy, use candy instead!

Halloween Picks

Photo Credit:

Cool black silhouette Halloween picks for all kinds of apps - fruit, cheese, meatballs, tortellini...

Jungle Leaf Platter

Photo Credit:

These leaf platters are great for serving food - add a few bugs for a creepy garnish!

Palm Leaf Plates

Photo Credit:

I love these plates and wooden flatware for parties. They hold up really well and are eco-friendly too.

Halloween Tiki Party Food & Cocktails

The type of food you serve will depend on how many guests you have as well as the way you want to serve the food. Will it be a bite-size food on sticks and finger foods only? Will you be serving hot food that needs to be eaten with a knife and fork? Or are you just sticking to a few nibbles with cocktails?

I've got a great selection of recipes that go down well for parties - why not give some of the tropical ones a Halloween twist? Just adding on some candy eyeballs or gummy worms can have the desired effect!

Hawaiian Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is my go-to hot food for lots of parties. I can cook and serve it from my slow cooker and it is great for feeding a crowd.

Beef & Pumpkin Chili

Another recipe that can be done in the slow cooker and great for a crowd. A bowl of tortilla chips and fixin's is all you need for serving!

Jalapeño Popper Mummies

An easy and fun appetizer that can be replicated on hot dogs too! Make them as spicy as you dare!

Cheesy Cornbread Recipe

A tradition in our household - cornbread is quick to make and a great side for soups and stews.

Haunted Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

After you've piped on the ghosts, why not pipe on a grass skirt and pop some flower sprinkles on top!

Pineapple Coconut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This cake tastes so good! Once cooled and cut into squares, press in some candy eyeballs!

Hawaiian Margarita Cocktail

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere so make a batch of this Hawaiian margarita. If you want to give it a creepy twist add a drop of black or purple food coloring!

Totally Tropical Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

A classic Hawaiian cocktail that you can't be without at a Halloween Tiki party! Make some spooky-shaped ice cubes to go in the glass and use a creepy cocktail pick for garnish.

Zombie Apocalypse Cocktail

A vodka-based cocktail with tropical flavors. A perfect un-dead adult beverage for a spooky tiki party!

Frogspawn Slushie Mocktail

A kid-friendly drink made with tropical frogs! Of course, not really, it's kiwi, but it looks like frogspawn doesn't it!

50+Freakishly Good Halloween Recipes

A round-up of 50+ freakishly good Halloween recipes for you to choose from for your party.

50+ Recipes for a Hawaiian Tropical Party

A round-up of 50+ Hawaiian & Tropical recipes for you to choose from for your party.

Entertainment & Costumes

I shared my party music playlists earlier in this post, but here are some other entertainment ideas which will depend on the number and ages of guests at your soiree!

I've popped in a few costume ideas too because everyone has to dress up for Halloween - it's the law! (Says me!)

Tiki Piñata

Photo Credit:

Fill the piñata with treats - and tricks!! That bag of creepy-crawlies I shared further up would be PERFECT!

Tiki Disc Toss Game

Photo Credit:

Throw the discs into the Tike God's mouth. Why not have treats for the winners and tricks for the losers?

Tiki Can Toss Game 

Photo Credit:

A classic carnival game - who can knock down the most cans? Trick or treats again for the losers and winners!

Tiki Drinking Game

Photo Credit:

Good for an adults-only party! Some are summer related so you could just leave those out.

Escape Room z

Photo Credit:

A Zombie Themed Escape Room Kit That Transforms Your Space Into A Nail-Biting Halloween Adventure. Just Download, Print And Party Tonight!

BIG BOX of Escape Room Kits

Photo Credit:

Be entertained for days with 5 awesome Escape Room kits! Print at home tonight!

Big Kahuna Ring Toss Game

Photo Credit:

To play, just land the ring on the hook. It’s simple enough in concept, but fiendishly tough to master.

Orange and Black Party Leis

Photo Credit:

Leis are traditionally given to guests as they arrive. These ones are in Halloween colors.

Halloween Lightup Leis

Photo Credit:

And these leis are made with black and orange flowers and light up too. Or you could make your own!

Halloween Bead Necklaces

Photo Credit:

More loosely defined, a lei is any series of objects strung together with the intent to be worn. These fun beads fall into that category for a Tiki party!

Adult Tiki Warrior Costume

Photo Credit:

Become a ferocious Polynesian warrior this Halloween when you put on the Adult Tiki Warrior Costume. Shoes and Spear Not Included

Hawaiian Beauty Costume

Photo Credit:

Women's Hawaiian Beauty Costume: Dress, Hairpiece and Anklet, Does not Include Bracelet or Necklace. (Runs small in size)

Tiki Totem Costume

Photo Credit:

Includes Tiki Totem Costume, Brown, with Tabard, Attached Skirt, Wrist & Ankle Cuffs. One-size.

Vintage Tea Dress with Belt

Photo Credit:

Several designs available - I love the pineapple one!  Sleeveless & Boatneck, concealed zipper at back.

Plus Size Tropical Maxi Dress

Photo Credit:

Milumia Women's Plus Size Cold Shoulder Floral Slit Hem Tropical Summer Maxi Dress - hand wash only.

King Kameha Hawaiian Shirt

Photo Credit:

Hawaiian shirts are bright, fun, and funky! Check the sizing before purchase!.

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How to thrown an awesome Halloween tiki party - with a photo of a pineapple jack-o-lantern

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