Our Wedding

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The biggest party I’ve ever organised was our wedding.  Hubby and I got engaged back in March 2008, with the wedding set for August 2009 and I started planning from the moment the gorgeous ring that he gave to me went onto my finger!

Here is my engagement ring and wedding band; I took this photo we took whilst on honeymoon :)

I did start a blog called “98 Days and Counting”  I’m not sure if people can see it any more, but in any case, I  hosted the pictures elsewhere and have since deleted them, so there is only words and no pictures.  I had planned to start at 100 days out, but was so busy I just didn’t get around to doing it :P I’m going to be going back and reading what I wrote – it’s always fun to look back, and to that end, this week’s Flashback Friday is all about our wedding day.

Having spent the last hour or so going through all the photos that we had taken – nearly 2000 from our official photographers, plus all the ones from friends and family, and the (shoddy) planning photos I took along the way, there is an awful lot to blog about in one post, so see this as a teaser for the rest of the event. I need to sort through properly, put things into relevant categories etc, so it won’t be this evening, but in the coming days/weeks.

I (we!) planned the big day for over a year, I lived and breathed that wedding, and it really was a perfect day.  The days leading up to Wednesday, 5th August 2009 were horrid. Rain…grey skies…I was even out the day before, buying white umbrellas *just in case*, but it turned out to be the most gloriously sunny and hot day, and those brollies are now just sitting in a cupboard somewhere!

I’ve got a little bit emotional looking back at our wedding photos – feels like a lifetime ago now, even though it’s just (nearly) three years ago.  I can’t wait to share all the things that I (we!) did, and when I look back, I am in awe at how much I did do for our perfect day. ❤

Here is the index for all the different aspects of our day, and the posts that I shared them in!

Here is my favourite photo, is not a photo at all, but a still from our wedding DVD!

I hope you will enjoy reading about our big day, I can’t wait to share it with you!

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