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And here is where I will bring everything for my St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party together. My sister said for a ‘last minute’ soiree I did good :D What can I say? I love to throw a party – it is when I’m at my most happiest!

Let me start with the table decoration which I kept simple with white and green.

I decided on my main course and desserts (yes, plural!) and then designed a menu.

Of course, even though it was last minute, I needed to decorate with *something* I had made paper rosettes in the past and snapped up some crepe paper in green, white and orange from the craft shop to make these pretty decorations for the front door.

I needed to have a pot o’ gold, so poured some popcorn into a cauldron (that I dug out from Halloween decoration stash, naturally!), printed out a rainbow and placed it inside…a fun decoration!

I also bought a huge bag of Skittles and poured that into a bowl – acted as both snickety-snacks and decoration!

You can’t have a dinner party without food…the main course was Boiled Bacon with Champ, Carrots and Cabbage.

My husband turned his hand to making some Soda Bread.

I made some non-alcoholic ‘Guinness’ and ‘Irish Coffee’ Chocolate Puddings.

And the pièce de résistance … my End of the Rainbow Pudding!

I can’t have a party without some sort of cake, so I made two batches of cupcakes using the same base mixture: Green St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes and Chocolate and Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes.

We all wore something green and had a great evening together!

So there you have it…my last minute St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party! Till next shindig – TTFN!

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