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My husband and I will have been married for ten years this August so we’re having a party to celebrate! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some wonderful 10th wedding anniversary party ideas with you!

Throwing a party for a wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to celebrate your union, with friends and family. While you may not do it every year, chances are you will want to celebrate the big milestones. So if you’re looking for party ideas for your upcoming anniversary, read on…

10 Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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10th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

1. Incorporate the Traditional Gift Into the Decorations

Each wedding anniversary comes with a special gift that is traditionally given to your spouse. While some have been updated over the years, some remain the same. Whatever year you’re celebrating, try to incorporate that item into your celebrations. This could be the party décor, the platters you serve food on, or even the favors you hand out to your guests.

There does seem to be variations around the world, but some of the years are very well established and remain the same.

Since we are celebrating 10 years, I plan on upcycling tin cans (I’m saving all the empty cans of food we open! Although they’re probably not actually made of tin!) within the decor – as vases for flowers, and as tin can luminaries.

I’ve got a ton of ideas for each year, so I think may have to turn this into a series of wedding anniversary party ideas! The links below are for some great gift ideas I found on Etsy.

1st: Paper
2nd: Cotton
3rd: Leather
4th: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk
5th: Wood
6th: Iron or Candy
7th: Wool or Copper
9th: Pottery
10th: Tin or Aluminium
11th: Steel
12th: Silk
13th: Lace

14th: Ivory (this is one that I think really should be updated)
15th: Crystal
20th: China
25th: Silver
30th: Pearl
35th: Coral
40th: Ruby
45th: Sapphire
50th: Gold
55th: Emerald
60th: Diamond
70th: Platinum

Tin can filled with yellow flowers.

2. Use the Traditional Flower for any Floral Arrangements

There is also a flower to celebrate each anniversary. The 10th wedding anniversary is the daffodil. Whatever year you’re currently celebrating, you can use flowers to add pops of color.

Should the flower matching your year not be in season, you could use artificial flowers; or decorate with the flowers that you had in your wedding bouquet. That is exactly what I plan on doing at our party – my bouquet had freesias, white roses, and lisianthus.

12th: Peony
13th: Chrysanthemum
14th: Dahlia
15th: Rose
20th: Aster
25th: Iris
28th: Orchid
30th: Lily
40th: Gladiolus
50th: Yellow Rose, Violet

Wedding bouquet with freesias, lisianthus and white roses
My Wedding Bouquet

3. Choose Foods with a Special Meaning

What did you serve at your wedding? What was the first meal you made for your partner? Do you have a favourite cuisine? Choose a menu that has special meaning.

Or maybe there was something you wish you had served at your wedding, but for whatever reason, couldn’t – serve that at your anniversary party instead. That’s another thing we plan on doing. I won’t say what yet, as friends and family read my blog!

four rows of miniature food - canapes.

4. Decorate the Area with Wedding Photos

A wonderful and easy way to decorate the area is to use wedding photos. Choose some of your favorite photos and have them printed. You can then hit a thrift shop to gather a variety of frames and paint them all to match or you can hit a discount store to purchase inexpensive frames.

Or why not create a photo book with memories of your married life, and pass around at your party. Or, make that photo book double duty, and have some blank space for guests to write messages.

5. Create a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs

What would a party be without dancing? Create a playlist that includes your favorite songs. Remember to include your first dance song, or if you didn’t have one, maybe a song that you describe as your song. What about songs that were played at your wedding? Put them on the playlist too. Be sure to include a mix of slow and fast songs to keep the party fun.

6. Plan a Special Toast for Your Spouse

Take a moment during the anniversary party to toast your partner. If you want, you can say whatever comes to mind or you can write something. Either way, make sure it comes from your heart and honors the years you’ve spent together.

Our Wedding
Our Wedding Day, 5th August 2009

7. Put Together Party Favors That Symbolize Love

Party favors are always fun. You can include things that symbolize love. Chocolates are always a great addition. There are also a number of items you can have personalized. You can print out labels and place them on bottles of wine or candles. Think back to the traditional gifts – extend them into the party favors – get creative!

8. Have a Photo Booth

Let all the couples at the party celebrate love by creating a fun photo booth. You can find photo booth props very inexpensively – check out thrift stores, and cheap stores like the Poundshop (UK) or Dollar Tree (US). You can even make your own with thick cardboard and paint. Or, if you’re not too crafty, there are lots of free printables online that you could use – that’s what I did for my husband’s 40th a few years ago! The picture also shows you don’t need a big elaborate space to have a photo booth – a corner of a room will be just fine!

Party Photo Booth

9. Play Fun Games

Other than dancing, playing games is a great way to entertain your guests. One fun game is to have the guests ask you questions about your spouse and see if you can give the right answer and then they will ask him the same question. For example, they might ask what your husband’s favorite snack is and then ask him the same question about you. This is basically the way Mr & Mrs – UK gameshow worked. You can even buy a card game of it.

If you are having a garden party, why not buy (or rent) giant games. We had them at our wedding and they were such a hit! We still have the games, so plan on bringing them out again for our anniversary! We had giant chess, giant 4-in-a-row (Connect-Four), and giant Jenga.

Giant chess being played at a wedding.
Giant Chess at our Wedding

10. Consider a Theme

Last, but not least, consider having a theme for your party. If you want, you can fully embrace the gift theme for your wedding mentioned above or you can do a completely different theme. For example, if you and your spouse love the beach, then a beach theme it is! Or maybe you love travelling – use one of your favourite destinations as the theme. Or maybe pick a decade like the 50s, or the 80s – or maybe even the decade you were married in.

Your wedding anniversary party can be as elegant or laid back as you want. Create a party that suits you and your spouse’s personalities. In other words, if you’re not into fancy parties, do something casual. If you prefer an intimate affair, maybe it’ll just be the two of you and very close family. The important thing is to celebrate your union, and all the wonderful years that you have been married.

10 Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas with images of flowers, cutlery, and wedding rings.

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