Peppa Pig Party Printables + Fun Party Ideas

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I made these Peppa Pig Party printables for my niece’s 2nd birthday. That was nearly a year and a half ago! I always kept meaning to share them, but other projects kept being worked on, and so I never did. But I thought it was about time that they saw the light of day, and that I finally write about that birthday party that I hosted for her!

It was clear that Sephy loved Peppa Pig, as lots of toddlers do, so it was obvious to create a Peppa Pig party for her. Sure, the party guests were adults, but I know that all the little finishing touches were not wasted, as she loved her birthday party. Looking back at these photos, she looks so little!

Look no further for Peppa Pig printables and party ideas! Lots of fun ideas, including food, games, and decorations. Plus a ton of free printables to use for your Peppa Pig themed party!

Peppa Pig Party Printables

The printables are shared throughout this post – with all of them in a handy list of all of them the end. But first, I’ll be sharing some photos from the party to give you some fun ideas to throw your little one an awesome Peppa Pig Party!

Peppa Pig Party Decorations

The main party decoration was lots and lots of flags/pennants. I made them up into banners to spell out Happy 2nd Birthday Sephy, as well as some other patterned ones to hang around the room

I made some organza rosettes too – I also make them with tissue paper for parties, and there is a tutorial here that you can check out and see how to make them. And of course, you can’t have a party without balloons – not that you can see them in the photos mind you!

I promised free printables in this post, so here they are:

Just print and cut out the ones that you need, punch holes in the top corners, thread onto ribbon or string, and hang up to decorate.

Party + Craft Supplies from Party + Craft Supplies from

Peppa Pig Party Activities

Who doesn’t love a party game? I turned the classic pin the tail on the donkey game into Pin the tail on Peppa! Download the free printable here.

We all know that Pig family love muddy puddles, so you can use this muddy puddle free printable to lay around the party room, or turn them into a game where the kids have to jump from puddle to puddle.

For a little quiet time, I’ve put lots of Peppa Pig colouring pages into one document, that you can print off and give to the children with some crayons to colour in.

You could also use the Peppa Pig cupcake toppers to use in a Treasure Hunt game. Use a blob of blue tack to stick them around the room, and the children have to find them. Whomever finds the most, wins.

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Party Supplies from Party Supplies from

Peppa Pig Party Food

I remember as this party rolled round, I was exhausted, and I just didn’t have it in me to start making cakes, and other party treats, so it was all shop bought. Fortunately, supermarkets sell Peppa Pig birthday cakes, and other Peppa Pig themed foods, so I was able to use those on the buffet.

I made some food labels, as I often do for parties, describing the foods. I know it was rather wicked of me to make ham sandwiches and call them Peppa Pig’s Sandwiches…!

So this is what I served at the party, as well as a few things I made labels for, but didn’t serve. You can download these ready made food labels here ***UPDATED!***, and there are some blank labels ***UPDATED!*** for you to fill with your own party food names. I also made some labels to wrap around mini yoghurt pots, which you can download here.

  • Grandpa Pig’s Vegetable Patch (vegetable crudités)
  • Daddy Pig’s Dunkin Dips (hummus, tzatziki etc)
  • Peppa Pig’s Sandwiches (with favourite fillings!)
  • George’s Dino Bites (chicken pieces)
  • Grandma Pig’s Fruit Cups (chopped fruit)
  • Mummy Pig’s Muddy Puddle Pots (chocolate mousse)
  • Muddy Puddles (giant chocolate buttons)
  • Pig Tails (twisty crisps)
  • Danny Dog’s Doughnuts (mini chocolate doughnuts)
  • Candy Cat’s Cookies (a selection of Peppa Pig cookies I found in the supermarket)
  • Suzy Sheep’s Cheese Wheels (mini Babybels)
  • Mr Potato’s Jackets (baby new potatoes)
  • Pedro Pony’s Pies (sausage rolls)
  • Teddy Bears (Pom Bear Crisps)
  • Polly Parrot’s Mini Eggs (mini Scotch eggs)
  • Emily Elephant’s Sausages (cocktail sausages)

I made some wrappers for drinks bottles, but didn’t end up using them. You could also use them to make napkin bundles, which I often do – see an example here.

Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas

Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas

Peppa Pig Cupcakes

Every birthday girl or boy needs cake! Normally I would have made cupcakes, but in this instance, I bought them. If you want a cupcake recipe, I’ve got plenty on my blog here. The cupcakes I bought were covered with a pink frosting, some raspberry syrup, and a flake. I thought they were so cute! I made some cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers to make sure they were full of Peppa Pig goodness!

Peppa Pig Cupcakes - free printable cupcake wrappers and toppers

Peppa Pig Party Printables

If you are hosting a Peppa Pig party, I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration, and that you find my free Peppa Pig party printables useful! Here they all are again, wouldn’t want you to miss one!

My other themed kids party ideas!

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