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How to create a giant pineapple balloon. This would be so much fun for a tropical or Hawaiian party. You just need yellow balloons, green paper, yellow ribbon and a Balloon Time helium tank!

As I write up this tutorial on how to create a giant pineapple balloon – which would be great for a tropical or Hawaiian themed party – the weather could not be further from tropical. In my part of the world, the wind is howling, rain is pouring down, the sky is grey, and it’s freezing cold – welcome to the great British summer!

I hope that my tutorial showing you how to create a giant pineapple balloon that I’ve created as a Balloon Time Celebration Club Ambassador will bring some sunshine into your day!

When I first came up with the theme for this Balloon Time project a couple of weeks ago, I had visions of a gorgeous table, with a balloon arch, Hawaiian and Tiki decorations, and was actually going to throw a small Hawaiian party. But with the upheaval at home, it was impossible to pull together – the weather would have been bust too, because yesterday was just as miserable as it is today.

You see, the disruption in our house at the moment is due to our bathroom renovation. This means, everything is everywhere, my living room is like a showroom, filled with boxes of tiles and bathroom furniture; I normally take photos in that room as it has a blank wall to photograph against – but lack of space down there meant we couldn’t move the sofa.

This also meant a change of plan from the balloon arch… So I came up with this giant pineapple balloon display, as it would fit against my bedroom wall, which is the room I had to make this project in… That said, in here it’s a mess too, with it being a store room with everything we’ve had to move about!

In my haste to get this project completed and written up, I forgot step-by-step photos, but luckily, my husband had the foresight to take a quick video of me blowing up the balloons! That is the video you’ll see below.

Inflating balloons with a Balloon Time tank is easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Open the valve by turning it four times, counter-clockwise.
  2. Slide a balloon onto the black nozzle.
  3. Holding the balloon in place, push down to release the helium into the balloon. Remove and tie into a knot. Attach ribbon if required.

How to create a giant pineapple balloon

You will need…


  1. Decide where you are going to place the balloon display – you will need a wall to back the floating balloons against.
  2. Tissue paper usually comes stacked together, making it easier to cut the leaf shapes out. Using a pair of scissors, cut out 6-8 pointy leaves, about 80cm/30″ long.
  3. Attach the leaves to the wall with sticky tack as shown in the picture.
  4. Blow up the balloons with the Balloon Time helium tank, and attach about 1m/40″ of ribbon to each one.
  5. Gather up into a cluster and move the balloons about, adjusting the height levels to create a sort of pineapple shape.
  6. Tie the balloons to the balloon weight, and place this in front of the leaves on the wall.

Giant Pineapple Balloons

It’s actually really quick and easy to make this balloon display, and I think it looks fun too! You could do other fruit like a bunch of grapes or a giant raspberry!

A few years back I threw a tropical/Hawaiian party for my sister, so here are some ideas from that, in lieu of the party I did have planned for this past weekend…

And here are some of my other balloon decorating ideas:

You can pick up a Balloon Time helium tank in Tesco or ASDA, as well as online. The standard helium kit comes with a pack of 30 colourful (9″) balloons, ribbon, and of course the tank, which can fill up to 30, 9″ latex balloons, 16, 11″ latex balloons, or 16, 11″ foil/Mylar balloons. The tank is recyclable, so just take it down to your local recycling centre when it’s empty.

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