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A garden party can be a wonderful way to entertain your friends and family during the warmer months. It’s a chance to get outdoors and enjoy nature while also enjoying good food, drinks, and conversation. If you want to create a party that is affordable, relaxing, and enjoyable, try these ten garden party ideas.

10 Gorgeous Garden Party Ideas

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10 Garden Party Ideas

1. Decorate with Flowers

Flowers are a must at a garden party. To save on flowers, consider shopping at a wholesale market. You’ll be able to buy larger quantities of flowers at fraction of what a florist would charge. Of course, if you have a green thumb, your own garden may have exactly what you need. You can place single long-stem flowers into vases and place them around the space. You can do small, short floral arrangements. Mix and match the two for varying height to create visual interest.

River Cottage HQ

2. Create a Drink Station

Whether you serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, a drink station is a wonderful idea. You can put out a variety of options and let guests prepare their own drinks. It might be cocktails or a variety of teas and lemonade. Just have fun with it! I personally love drink dispensers, they’re great for providing drinks for lots of people if you have limited space.

Why not make a batch of this fresh watermelon cocktail spiked with coconut rum and tequila. Or leave the booze out and serve as a mocktail.

blankblank blankblank blankblank blankblank blankblank

3. Make It Comfortable

Make a space that is comfortable and relaxing for your guests. Use the table to hold the food and then place blankets around the area for people to have picnics. Grab some outdoor throw pillows to make things even cozier.

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Garden Blankets

4. Incorporate Flowers into Your Food

Take things even further by incorporating flowers into your food. There are many edible flowers out there. The important thing is to buy from someone selling the flowers to be consumed. This way, you know the flowers were grown without harmful chemicals. You can infuse honey with lavender to drizzle over fresh fruit. You can purchase sugared flowers to place on top of petit fours. Be creative and have fun with food!

My friend at Blue Bear Wood made these gorgeous Lavender Madeleines that would be a perfect treat at a garden party.

Flower Cookies

5. Add Lavender to Tea or Lemonade

Speaking of edible flowers, lavender can be added to tea or lemonade to give it a delicious taste. Your guests will be wondering what that wonderful flavor is. You can also infuse teas and lemonade with berries, mint, or even lemongrass.

Lavender Tea
Drinks in jars

6. Freeze Fruit to Keep Drinks Cool

Don’t water your drinks down with ice. Instead, freeze berries or chunks of fruit to keep your drinks cold. When the drink is finished, you have a nice treat waiting for you.

Frozen Fruit

7. Serve Finger Foods

Fingers foods are a great option for a garden party. Sandwiches, petit fours, scones, and even small lettuce cups filled with chicken salad are a great option. Finger foods allow people to mingle and eat a bit here and there.

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Garden Party Canapes
Fruit canapes

8. Place Candles and Fairy Lights Around the Area

If you plan for the party to last into the night, place votive candles, tea lights and fairy lights around the area. And, if you’re going to be adding candles, consider using citronella candles to deter bugs from ruining your evening. You can also burn rosemary in your fire pit to help deter pests.

Garden Candles

9. Create a Flower Wall

A flower wall doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be one piece that’s displayed next to your drinks station or another prominent area. If you want to use the piece again and again, use fake flowers. To create visual interest, make a flower wall with an uneven border. Take a piece of foam board and cut diagonally creating waves as you go. Next, the end of a writing pen to make holes in the board. Remove the stems from your fake flowers and then use a glue gun to glue the flowers into each hole. The closer the holes, the fuller the flower wall will look. You can make this as large as you want by using multiple foam boards.

If you’re not confident of your crafty skills, you could always buy a flower wall backdrop from Etsy. Naturally, I love this purple flower wall, and you could buy one with greenery and foliage.

Flower Wall

10. Use Mismatched Plates, Tea Cups, and Serving Pieces

Last, but not least, give your garden party a relaxed, cozy look by using mismatched plates, teacups, and serving pieces. Hit up a local thrift store and grab pieces that catch your eye. This will also give your table visual interest when all the pieces are displayed together.

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Tea Party

A garden party is one of the best summer entertaining options. Use these tips to create an affordable and relaxing party that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Summer Garden Party Ideas

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