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These Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas are just what you need for your little one’s Peppa Pig Party! With minimum effort, you can theme a whole bunch of healthy foods – with some treats too for a delicious party buffet that kids will LOVE!

Make sure you grab all the free Peppa Pig Party Printables to make all the little party piggies squeal with delight!

Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas

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Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas

My two year old niece was obsessed with Peppa Pig when I threw her a party themed with her favorite pig! It went so well, and I had so much planning it all.

The feisty Peppa Pig is still a huge favorite with kids around the world, and such a fun party theme for fans of Peppa, her family, and her friends!

If this theme is on your radar for your kiddo (or someone else’s like mine was!) then I think you’re going to love these Peppa Pig party food ideas – many of which I served at my niece’s party.

I know that it is really easy to get overwhelmed with ideas that you see online and then feeling like you can’t match up to what someone else did, but let me assure you that the party food that I served requires the minimum of effort (and no fancy recipes in sight!).

Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas

What is Peppa Pig’s favorite food?

Peppa’s favorite food is spaghetti, and it’s a favorite for her brother, George, and their mum too. Daddy pig loves chocolate cake!

If you watch the show enough you’ll probably start to get some idea as to the kinds of foods Peppa and her family and friends eat. This is a great place to begin planning and it’s what helped me come up with my party food list!

I bought most of the food from my local supermarket, including a few Peppa Pig themed food items which I was able to use.

Since I’m in the UK, I’ve listed British food items that may not be available in the US or elsewhere. I know US food pretty well, so tried to give some alternatives.

Once you see what I served you may even come up with your own party food ideas that your group of piglets will love to eat!

Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas

What kind of food should I serve at a Peppa Pig party?

You will want to serve a variety of food so that there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s likely that you’ll need to feed adults as well as kids, so bare that in mind when you are planning out your buffet.

A mix of healthy foods, some snack foods, and some sweet treats as well as drinks will offer a balanced party meal for everyone.

Here is the list of foods that I served. I named them all after characters in the show, as they went alongside my printable food labels, but you could name them anything you like (or not!), it’s your party! There are also ideas that I have come up with while writing this post!

Just mix and match to create your perfect Peppa Pig party food menu!

Healthy Savory Party Food Ideas

Grandpa Pig’s Vegetable Patch – fill a tray or platter with raw veggies like grape tomatoes, cucumber sticks, mini corn, cauliflower, and broccoli florets, mini carrots, radish, mini bell peppers. Leave the stalks on the carrots, radish, and peppers if possible – they look cute with them on!

Serve them with Daddy Pig’s Dunkin’ Dips – whatever you favorites are! It could be hummus, tzatziki, ranch, thousand island, salsa. I just bought ready-made from the store, but you can make from scratch if you like! Here’s my hummus recipe to try. You could also include a bowl of breadsticks or pretzels to dunk if you like.

Grandpa Pig's Vegetable Patch
Grandpa Pig’s Vegetable Patch

Peppa Pig’s Sandwiches – I was pretty wicked and served ham sandwiches, but since our party was pretty much just adults and my 2 year old niece it was a very tongue-in-cheek thing! However, you could serve a variety of sandwiches or subs filled with cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese, tuna mayo, egg mayo, turkey or something else entirely.

You could cut the sandwiches into triangles, or use cookie cutters like these to make fun shapes! Or even better yet, use Peppa Pig Cookie Cutters!

Madame Gazelle’s Pinwheels – instead of sandwiches, why not make tortilla pinwheels? They’re so easy! Just add some filling to a large tortilla, roll up and cut into pinwheels.

George’s Dino Bites – Peppa’s little brother George loves Dinosaurs, so if you can get dinosaur shaped nuggets these would be perfect! Or, as I did, use popcorn chicken

Mr Potato’s Jackets – Mr Potato is Peppa Pig’s favorite TV character! So I baked some mini potatoes in the oven (in the UK we call them jacket potatoes instead of baked potatoes when cooked in their skin, hence the name of this food!). You could also serve any other type of potato-based food like Tater Tots or potato croquets.

Suzy Sheep’s Cheese Wheels – these were simply Mini Babybels, but a plate of cheese and crackers would also be a great option.

Peppa Pig’s Pasta Pots – now that we know that Peppa’s favorite food is spaghetti you could serve little bowls of this pasta with some tomato sauce, or make a simple pasta salad with fusilli (twists) mixed with veggies like peas, sweetcorn, finely chopped carrot, and mayonnaise.

Peppa Pig Party Food Idea - Mr. Potatoe's Jackets, Grandpa Pig's Vegetable Garden, Peppa Pig Sandwiches
Peppa Pig Party Food Idea - Daddy Pig's Dunkin' Dips

Peppa Pig Finger Food Ideas

  • Pedro Pony’s Pies – mini pork pies (UK) I don’t think the US is big on savory pies! But could serve mini apple (or other filling) pies for dessert.
  • Polly Parrot’s Mini Eggs – mini Scotch eggs (UK) or boiled eggs or if you’re really fancy, boiled quails eggs which are tiny compared with chicken eggs! Polly, by the way is Peppa’s grandparent’s parrot!
  • Emily Elephant’s Sausages – cocktail sausages/weiners
  • Delphine Donkey’s – pizza slices or mini pizzas
  • Freddy Fox’s Sausage Rolls – mini sausage rolls (UK) or pigs in blankets
  • Wendy Wolf’s Chicken Drumsticks – or other chicken pieces like nuggets
Suzy Sheep's Cheese Wheels

Peppa Pig Party Snacks

In the UK we seem to excel at selling shaped crisps (potato chips) so spiral crisps become Pig Tails and bear-shaped Pom Bears become Teddy Bears. (Teddy is the name of Peppa’s teddy bear!) In the US you could use Teddy Grahams cookies, but as a sweet option.

There is also simply Mr Potato’s Crisps or Chips using regular crisps/chips in preferred flavors. Or how about Zoe Zebras Popcorn? It could be savory or sweet. No reason in particular that they are Zoe Zebra’s, just she was a character I hadn’t used!

Rebecca Rabbit’s Raisins – a simple and easy snack. Or you could turn it into trail mix with pretzels, nuts (if suitable), and chocolate chips.


Desserts & Sweet Treats for a Peppa Pig Party

We’ll start out healthy with Grandma Pig’s Fruit Cups which is simply chopped fruit in ice cream cups. Or you could do a platter of fruit, or fruit on sticks or skewers. You could also serve whole fruits such as bananas, oranges, and slices of watermelon. Peppa’s Grandma has fruit in her hat which is where the inspiration came for this!

Other dessert and sweet treat options could be:

  • Mummy Pig’s Muddy Puddle Pots – chocolate pudding or chocolate mousse pots
  • Muddy Puddles – I used giant Cadbury’s Buttons – but it’s easy to make them! See below!
  • Kylie Kangaroo’s Cupcakes – buy a tray of mini cupcakes or even mini muffins, or make yourself from a box mix or from scratch. Decorate any way you like! I’ve got tons of cupcake recipes here.
  • Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream – serve in bowls or cones or like we do in the UK with
  • Gerald Giraffes Jelly! – aka Jello in the US. Make red or pink jelly!
  • Danny Dog’s Doughnuts – use mini donuts in your favorite flavors.
  • Candy Cat’s Cookies – Peppa Pig themed if you can find them in stores, or make your own with Peppa Pig cookie cutters!
  • Peppa Pigs Fairy Bread – Fairy Bread is an Australian favorite and is simply bread, spread with margarine or butter, and sprinkles with multicolored sprinkles! In the UK and Oz that would be 100s and 1000s, or the little round nonpareils type sprinkles. Cut the bread into any shape (see cookie cutters above!), and use a mixture of different colored pink sprinkles.
  • Peppa Pig Magic Wands – thread fruit and marshmallows onto long treat sticks and voila, fairy or wizard wands!
  • Daddy Pig’s Chocolate Cakes – remember they’re his favorite food! You could buy a chocolate sheet cake and cut it into small squares to serve.

How Do I Make Muddy Puddles?

  • Grab yourself a bag of chocolate chips, or a big bar of chocolate, or some chocolate candy melt wafers.
  • Line a tray or baking sheet with greaseproof or wax paper.
  • Melt according to the package instructions, or in the microwave in 20-second increments, stirring in between, until melted.
  • Transfer to a plastic food bag and snip off the corner.
  • Squeeze out the chocolate onto the lined tray to create puddle shapes – in the photo below you can see some muddy splats on the food label. Do the outline first and then fill in with chocolate.
  • Leave to harden then carefully peel from the wax paper.
  • Chocolate Muddy Puddles done!
Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas - Muddy Puddles
Danny Dog's Doughnuts - Peppa Pig Food Ideas

Peppa Pig Party Drinks Ideas

Drinks are fairly simple at kids parties!

  • Serve bottles of water or juice – remove the label and replace it with a Peppa Pig one.
  • Strawberry milk – or regular milk
  • Pink Lemonade – In the UK we have fizzy lemonade, in the US the equivalent would be Sprite or 7 Up. Use some red or pink food coloring to tint it. Or you might even find pink lemonade in stores.

Peppa Pig Cake Ideas

You can’t forget the birthday cake! If you don’t have a cake maker’s bone in your body, then simply buy one from the supermarket, or get one custom made if your grocery store provides the service!

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake
Store-Bought Peppa Pig Cake
Peppa Pig Cupcakes - free printable cupcake wrappers and toppers
Peppa Pig Cupcakes

How Do I Make Peppa Pig Cupcakes?

Even if you’ve never made cupcakes in your life, cupcakes are honestly the easiest thing ever! But here are 3 ways you can do it!

  1. The easiest way to make Peppa Pig Cupcakes is to buy some ready-make cupcakes with pink frosting and pop them into some free printable Peppa Pig cupcake wrappers and add a cupcake toppers – so simple!
  2. Buy a box of cake mix – whatever flavor you like – and make according to the package instructions. You will probably need eggs, water, and oil to make the cupcakes. Then buy a tub of pink frosting and use a spoon to add some frosting and spread out (or you could use a piping bag and star tip and do a swirl). Add a Peppa Pig wrapper and topper as before, and don’t forget lots of pink sprinkles!
  3. Or make some cupcakes from scratch! You could use your favorite recipe or try the best vanilla cupcake recipe and then top with a swirl of pink frosting and sprinkles, and a topper and wrapper too.
  4. Make some fondant decorations for the cupcakes – use pink fondant (sugarpaste) to mould pig ears and a snout and insert into the pink frosting. Or if you are super skilled, try making little fondant Peppa Pig figures. (Check out my large cake in the photo below!)

Or make your own number-shaped cake and add a sugarpaste/fondant model of Peppa Pig! I made this cake for a friend’s 3 year old daughter who was made about Peppa!

Peppa Pig Themed Birthday Cake

I hope that these Peppa Pig party food ideas have helped you to devise the menu for your party – have fun!

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