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If you are looking for Free Baby Shark Party Printables then you have hit the jackpot! I’ve got a huge set of Baby Shark printables that has everything you need to throw an awesome themed party including invitations, party decorations, cupcake toppers, and more!

Digital images of the baby shark party printables

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Free Baby Shark Party Printables

I hosted a Baby Shark Party for my nephew, Leo’s 2nd birthday, and it was so much fun to plan, prepare, and throw! Everyone had a great time, especially the birthday boy who is obsessed with Baby Shark!

Baby Shark and that [annoyingly!] catchy song took the world by storm, and little kids seem to love the adorable Shark Family! If you have kiddos that are just begging to have their own Baby Shark party and you’re looking to be a little bit frugal with the decorations, then these free printables are exactly what you need! There are 17 different party printables for you to download and use!

Each printable has its own blog post with instructions (where applicable) and images too. This page serves as an index for all of the party printables so that you can find them quickly.

Links to the printables will open in the same window/tab, so to reach this page again, just hit the back button on your browser.

I’ve got 100+ Free Printables for you to download from The Purple Pumpkin Blog, including lots more Party Printables.

Use the search bar below to see what I have available for download. If you can’t find what you are searching for, then please do contact me as I take all reader suggestions on board!

Be sure to check out my shop – Purple Pumpkin Printables for even more printable awesomeness!

Digital images of the baby shark party printables

Before I get into the printables, I wanted to leave a little note… I recently found out that some of the FREE printables that I had designed and shared on my blog, were being sold (by others, without permission) on sites like Etsy, and eBay. I had them swiftly removed – but I am very disappointed that someone lifted my work and made a profit from it. I clearly state that my free printables are not for resale…. under any circumstances! I do not own the copyright to the characters used in [some of my] printables, which is why I do not sell them! If you ever see any of my work being sold by someone other than me, please, please get in touch with me by email so that I can resolve the issue. Thank you.

Baby Shark Printable Decorations

  1. All good Baby Shark parties start with Baby Shark Party Invitations! There are two designs to choose from. (Not a decoration I know, but it can sit in this section!)
  2. Decorate the party room with a Baby Shark Birthday Banner, which has letters, numbers, punctuations, and pictures in the set that can be customised in so many ways.
  3. There are lots of fun designs in the Baby Shark Bunting set! Simply print, cut, and string up the flags!
  4. Baby Shark Paper Chains are a favorite party decoration of mine because they are so simple to make!
  5. Use these Baby Shark Mini Flags to decorate a homemade or store-bought cake.
  6. Kids will LOVE wearing these Baby Shark Cone Party Hats! There are six designs to choose from.

Baby Shark Food & Drink Printables

  1. Use these free printable Baby Shark Paper Tray Liners to tie in the fun theme with your party food table.
  2. These Baby Shark Food Labels will let your guests know what they’re eating at your Baby Shark Party!
  3. Customise drinks and water bottles with Baby Shark Bottle Wrappers.
  4. There are six different Baby Shark Cupcake Wrappers in this set. Use them to hide boring, plain cupcake liners!
  5. These Baby Shark Cupcake Toppers will take a plain frosted cupcake from meh to wow! Perfect if you don’t have a cupcake decorating bone in your body!
  6. Scoop up your favorite flavored popcorn into these Baby Shark Popcorn Boxes.
  7. Or you could use Baby Shark Popcorn Cones instead! You could even fill them with other dry snacks like potato chips or pretzels.
  8. Attach these free printable Baby Shark Straw Flags to paper straws and place them into drinks. Even the smallest of details brings a party together.
  9. Wrap these Baby Shark Napkin Rings around a napkin bundled with a knife, fork, and spoon for guests to grab at the buffet table!

Printable Baby Shark Party Favors

  1. Fill a bag with candy and seal with one of the Baby Shark Favor Bag Labels to say thanks for swimming by!
  2. Download the free printable Baby Shark Take Out Boxes to assemble at home and then fill with gummy sharks or other treats
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