A List of 20+ Halloween Cocktails For Spooky Soirées & Parties!

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The Halloween season is upon us! And that means it’s time to start thinking about what you will serve at your party!

Why not wow the crowd with one or two spooky signature drinks from this selection of Halloween Cocktails?

Most of our Halloween drinks have mocktail options, too, so there is something for everyone at your Halloween shindig!

I’ve got 50+ freakishly good Halloween Recipes to go along with your cocktails – all cocktails need something tasty to eat with them!


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Halloween Cocktails

It’s time to put your mixology hat on for Halloween and whip up some spooky cocktails for your party. Save this blog post to reference these recipes when you need a little help!

The drinks below are perfect for any Halloween party. Whether you’re hosting or coming as a guest, these boozy beverages will make the evening even more festive.

Sure, you could buy a pre-made mix from the grocery store, but where is that fun?

Check out our selection of 20+ Halloween cocktails that I’ve shared over the years, and get ready to be scared silly with some delicious drinks! Happy October, everyone!

20 Halloween Cocktails for Parties

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Halloween Vodka Cocktails

If vodka is your preferred tipple, you must conjure up one of these concoctions!

Bring this Freaky Frankenstein Cocktail to life with melon liquor, apple vodka, and sparkling water.

Channel your inner Sanderson sister with a Hocus Pocus Cocktail filled with vodka and spiced rum.

Zombie Apocalypse Cocktail is vodka-based with tropical flavors, so if you’re throwing a Halloween Tiki Party, this is the perfect drink!

Be careful; this Bloody Vampire Cocktail has a bite! It is made with grenadine, gin, and two types of vodka.

The Mistress of Evil herself would love this Purple Shimmering Maleficent Cocktail with vodka and raspberry liqueur.

With Vodka and Midori, this Green Cocktail is positively wicked!

Try this Deep Red Voodoo Cocktail made with vodka, vanilla liqueur, and red grape juice.

Take a classic cocktail and make it Halloween-y, and you get this Pumpkin White Russian Cocktail!

The Sleeping Beauty Cocktail is pretty in pink with vodka and raspberry liqueur.

If you’ve been hunting for black vodka cocktails that’ll wow your guests this Halloween, you’re in for a treat with our spectacularly eerie yet delicious recipe for a Black Magic Cocktail!

And for more black vodka Halloween drinks, try a Black Widow!


Halloween Rum Cocktails

If dressing up as a pirate is for you this Halloween, then what would the party be without RUM!

Made with Blue Curaçao and rum, fans of Hocus Pocus will love drinking this Sarah Sanderson Cocktail.

This Rum Spiked Pumpkin Pie Punch is like a boozy pumpkin pie in a glass!

Love Hocus Pocus? Then you’ll love the Winnie Sanderson Cocktail made with Midori & two kinds of rum.

Run amok amok amok with the Sanderson Sisters Cocktail mixed with fruit juices, rum, apple brandy, and blue curaçao.

Made with Jägermeister and rum, this Black Raven Cocktail is a deliciously dark party drink.

Apple Cider Dark and Stormy Cocktail is a twist on the original and is made with hard cider instead of ginger beer.

Made with spiced rum and red wine, the Lucifer Morningstar is a devilishly delicious cocktail!

Can’t forget the middle Sanderson sister! Try the Mary Sanderson Cocktail with Whiskey and Rum.

Halloween Bourbon & Whiskey Cocktails

Bourbon, blood orange liqueur, and ginger beer make up this Wicked Witch Cocktail.

This Bourbon Apple Cider Maple Fizz Cocktail is like drinking a glass of autumn!

Our Grave Digger Cocktail combines Crown Royal, ginger beer, and pineapple juice with a float of Canadian whiskey.

Halloween Wine Cocktails

Throwing a Mad Scientist Party? This white wine Toxic Waste Cocktail is perfect to serve.

Why not make Booooze Floats? Made with white wine, they’re like adult orange creamsicles!

More Halloween Cocktails

For adults, spike this Frog Spawn Slushie mocktail with your favorite liquor.

Just 3 ingredients go into this Apple Cider Margarita – tequila, hard cider, and simple syrup. Cinnamon sugar rim optional.

While not strictly a cocktail, these Boozy Pumpkin Gummies are a festive adults-only treat.

This recipe for Lavender Margaritas is the perfect Purple Cocktail for Halloween!

Pumpkins and Halloween go hand in hand, so why not make a Pumpkin Pie Cocktail?

You can also try our Pumpkin Pie White Russian Cocktail or Pumpkin Spice Latte Jello Shots.

With the Devil’s Fire Shot, the spicy twist on the traditional Bloody Mary recipe will set your taste buds ablaze and make your next Halloween gathering unforgettable!

Be sure to check out how to use Dry Ice In Drinks for Halloween for that added spooky touch!

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