The Ultimate List of Autumn Recipes for the Fall Season

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Are you looking for Autumn Recipes? Well, you can stop your search as I’ve got the ultimate list of fall recipes for you to take a look through and prepare at home.

All the recipes have an autumnal flair using seasonal ingredients like apples, blackberries, pumpkins, and more.

There are recipes for delicious comfort foods made in a slow cooker; fall-flavored soups, sides, breads, and beverages; as well as yummy desserts including cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats.

So grab a cuppa, and scroll through the autumn fall recipes on The Purple Pumpkin Blog!

The Ultimate List of Autumn Recipes

Autumn Recipes

Before I get into the recipes, here is some handy information for you.

These autumn recipes are not the only ones I have on my blog, there are 500+ Recipes here for you to enjoy! Please feel free to check them out too.

If you are looking for a specific recipe, please use the search function below. If you can’t find what you are searching for, then please do contact me as I take all reader suggestions on board!

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50+ Autumn Recipes

Autumn Soup Recipes

I have over 25 Easy Soup Recipes on my blog, but the ones I’ve listed below are ones that I have shared during the fall season, or use seasonal ingredients.

Autumn Slow Cooker Recipes

I am probably not the only one that uses their slow cooker more during autumn and winter. I love using a slow cooker because it is so convenient! Just throw everything into the pot, set it on low and forget about it for the rest of the day. There is nothing more welcoming than smelling the food when you walk through the door after being out in the cold!

Autumn Dinner Recipes

Of course, the recipes above are dinner recipes, but the ones listed below are not made in a slow cooker. I may find that as I share more recipes that this category gets split down further.

Stuffed Spicy Butternut Squash
Stuffed Spicy Butternut Squash

I will be adding to this list of autumn recipes over time, so make sure that you save this post to your Pinterest recipe boards so that you can always find them!

Autumn Side Dishes

If you are looking for a seasonal side dish to go with meat or fish or other main meals, here are some to check out.

Autumn Snacks & Dips

Try one of these recipes for when you get a snack attack!

Autumn Cocktails

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a cocktail – it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

Apple Cider Margarita
Apple Cider Margarita

Autumn Mocktails

For non-drinkers and children try one of these awesome fall mocktails.

Autumn Beverages

The recipes for these beverages don’t really fall into the mocktail or cocktail categories!

Autumn Cakes & Cupcakes

I’ve got a lot of cupcake recipes and cupcakes for parties and other celebrations on The Purple Pumpkin Blog – these ones take advantage of the delicious flavors of the season.

Autumn Bread Recipes

A selection of sweet and savory bread recipes to try – all very easy to make!

Give pumpkin pie a colorful twist to make them into purple pumpkin pies! Recipe from The Purple Pumpkin Blog!
Mini Purple Pumpkin Pies

Autumn Pies & Tarts

Who can resist a delicious pie? I know I can’t! At the moment there are only pumpkin pies. But then, it is The Purple Pumpkin Blog, so what do you expect!

Autumn Baking

Put your baking hat on and try one of these sweet recipes

Autumn Desserts

If I have the choice between a starter or a dessert, I will always choose dessert! If you’re like me, try one of these – they’re delicious!

These Salted Caramel Popcorn Apples are a great treat to make for Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, or for any time you want to celebrate! There is both a "cheats" recipe and a "make from scratch" recipe included in this post. Once you know how simple it can be, you'll be making all sorts of caramel apples!
Salted Caramel Popcorn Apples

Autumn Preserves

Have a glut of fruit from your garden, or bought some from the farmer’s market? Use them to make jam!

Autumn Breakfast Recipes

Only one lonely breakfast recipe at the moment. I included this because – pumpkins.

50+ Autumn Fall Recipes

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