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If you are organizing or hosting a Bachelorette/Hen Party, for yourself, for a friend, or a family member, you are definitely going to need some fun Bachelorette Party Games to get the good times rolling!

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Bachelorette Party Games

I hosted a Cocktails & Dreams Hen Party for my sister, and a good time was had by all! We played quite a few adults-only, 18+ x-rated games, and they were the sort of games you would probably only play with your girlfriends!

The rest were relatively safe to play in mixed company – both young and old – and I’m sharing them here with you (as well as some free Canva templates) that you can use when you host a bachelorette or hen party.

These games would also be ideal for a bridal shower or any other wedding-related event you might be planning, including games for at the dining table during the wedding lunch/dinner.

How Well Do You Know The Bride?

Another easy game to set up yourself using a word processing or design app like Canva – it’s free to use, but you get so much more out of the PRO version with tons of images you can use!

Think up a bunch of questions for people to answer about the bride-to-be. They might include:

  • What is her birthday?
  • What is their favorite color?
  • Who is her celebrity crush?
  • Where did she meet her husband-to-be?

If you are hosting the party it is likely you’ll know the bride very well, so come up with as many questions – easy and obscure – as you can! The bride can answer the question sheet too while everyone else does!

We did this game at our 10th wedding anniversary party, with questions about my husband and myself jointly. It was so much fun to see the answers people had!

How Well Do You Know The Bride - Games for Bridal Shower or Hen Party / Bachelorette Party at The Purple Pumpkin Blog
How Well Do You Know The Bride – Hen Party Game

Guess the Famous Brides

This game is easy to set up, but not always so easy to play!

You will need:

  • Printed images of famous celebrity bridesHead over to the image search on Google (or another search engine) and search for “famous brides” or “iconic brides”. Download the ones you want to use (who you pick will depend on the age group for your party), and print them all out. You could also use images from magazines.
  • Black Marker PenDraw a large question mark (?) over the face of each famous bride to obscure it as much as possible. Write a number somewhere on each bride’s photo too, so that everyone can assign their answer to the same name.
  • PencilGently write the name of each bride on the back of each photo – you don’t want the answer to show through. Alternatively, you can just write a list of the answers.
  • Corkboard & PinsPin all of the prepared bridal images onto a corkboard/bulletin board. You can make it as basic or as fancy as you like.
  • Notepaper & PensYou can create a simple answer sheet in a word processing program for players to fill out, and provide a pen (or pencil) to write down the answers. When everyone has guessed, you can flip the brides to reveal who is who!

Download my Famous Brides Answer Sheet Template on Canva – you can edit the title, font, and graphics. I have locked the grid in place so that you don’t have to worry about messing it up! There is space for 20 famous celebrity brides on this template.

Guess the Famous Brides – Hen Party Game
Guess The Famous Brides Answer Sheet Example

Shop My Bachelorette Party Game Picks on Amazon

If you would rather have everything ready out of a box for you, then check out these party games for hen and bachelorette parties on Amazon below:


Famous Couples Game

The premise of this game is simple – set up a document (Word or Canva or similar) with the first half of some famous couples (real or fictional!) and space to write in the other half.

The famous couples you have on your list will probably depend on the age range of your guests.

There’s no point putting Lucille Ball & [Desi Arnaz] if your guests are in their 20s, as most will probably not have a clue who they are. Similarly, your mother or grandmother is unlikely to know Tom Holland & [Zendaya]!

You can see my example sheet below – very easy to type out. Just Googe “Famous Celebrity Couples” or similar to generate your list.

Famous Couples Hen Party Game
Famous Couples – Hen Party Game

Printable Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms have exploded in popularity over the past few years, but why not bring the experience to your home (or party venue) with a printable Escape Room?

We love the kits from Lock Paper Scissors and with their Mysterious Escape Room Big Box which contains 4 different kits, you can save BIG! In fact, you save 60% – that’s a discount of $67, to be precise. Amazing value!

The games can be printed and set up in just 20 minutes so you can get on with the fun.

The four kits included are:

  • Envy Murder MysteryA 1920’s Gatsby-style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a night of velvet gloves, blood-stained.
  • Lost MummyGet ready to unearth Egypt’s ancient secrets as your crew investigates the mystery of the Lost Mummy.
  • Rebel Revolt Spy MissionYour crew of specialists will need their wits about them if there’s any chance of breaking into the evil government’s W.A.R. facility.
  • Escape Room ZYour living room’s about to be invaded by the living dead. What do they want? Your pizza of course…

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts Quiz

This game really tests your wedding knowledge!

Everyone knows that silver is the gift to give when a couple has been married for 25 years. But what year do you gift lace for? Or how about crystal?

If you do, then you could be winning this game!

Set up a table in a word processing document with the anniversary numbers down one side and space for the answers on the other. Provide all the gift possibilities, and players have to put them in the correct places. A search online will give you all the types of gifts and corresponding anniversary years.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Games for Bridal Shower or Hen Party / Bachelorette Party at The Purple Pumpkin Blog
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Hen Party Game

Wedding Scattergories

When we were kids, we played a game called ‘Name, Country, Fruit & Veg’ where you went through the alphabet and had to write in each category for the letter picked. As I grew up, I found out that this simple (but challenging at times!) game is called Scattergories.

Make a game sheet with a grid layout, with different categories at the top – I used Flowers, Love Songs, Honeymoon Destinations, Food, Drinks, and Gifts. But you could use any category that you like.

In each round of the game, a letter is picked from the alphabet and you fill in all of the categories with things that start with that letter.

For the letter ‘S’ you might write – Sunflowers (flower), Something – The Beatles (love song), Seychelles (honeymoon destination), Shrimp (food), Sangria (drink), Silk Sheets (gift).

Write the letters of the alphabet onto small pieces of paper, fold up and place in a cup to pick out and start each round of Wedding Scattegories.

Use my Wedding Scattergories Template on Canva – you can edit the categories at the top of the grid, as well as the fonts and graphics. I have locked the grid in place so that you don’t have to worry about messing it up!

Wedding Scattergories - Games for Bridal Shower or Hen Party / Bachelorette Party at The Purple Pumpkin Blog
Wedding Scattergories – Hen Party Game

Wedding Articulate Game

The final game is a spin on the board game of the same name, but tweaked – ‘Articulate’.

On small pieces of paper, write out some wedding-related words and phrases, fold them up, and pop them into a cup.

Each person takes turns picking out a word and describing it to everyone, without using the word on the piece of paper.

You could just as easily turn this game into Wedding Charades but mime out the words/phrases instead.

Wedding Articulate - Games for Bridal Shower or Hen Party / Bachelorette Party at The Purple Pumpkin Blog
Articulate – Hen Party Game

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