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Cupcakes are perfect, portable desserts of deliciousness, and I love making them! I’m sure you do too, and I’ve got lots of fun and easy cupcake recipes for parties and celebrations, here on The Purple Pumpkin Blog.

I love making cupcakes because they’re quick to bake – usually around 15-20 minutes, and once cooled, they can be decorated quickly too. Even the simplest of cupcakes can make an impact at a party or celebration!

25+ Fun & Easy Cupcakes Recipes for Parties & Celebrations

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Cupcake Recipes for Parties

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Before I get into the cupcake recipes, here is some handy information for you….

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Best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe!

If you want to make your own cake for a party your throwing, or for celebrating a special time of year, but not quite confident in your cake decorating skills, cupcakes are a perfect middle ground!

Cupcakes are easy to make from scratch, and I’ve been using the same tried and trusted recipe for my cupcakes for many years now – get the BEST vanilla cupcake recipe!

However, I’m not shy about using boxed cake mixes to make things easy. There are so many awesome flavors of cake mix out there, that even if you don’t have a baking bone in your body, you can whip up a batch of cupcakes without a hitch.

And there is always the option of buying ready-made cupcakes that you can decorate yourself at home.

Baked Cupcakes

What I’m saying is, these cupcake recipes for parties can be baked from scratch according to the ingredients and instructions that I’ve given you – or using a box mix or ready-made cupcakes. You will have to decorate them yourself though! But that doesn’t have to be hard either…

Much like my cupcake recipe, my recipe for buttercream frosting is another tried and trusted one that I’ve been making the same way for years – and it’s really easy to whip up. But, of course, there is a cheat for that too… ready-made frosting!

So to make great cupcakes for any occasion, all you need are baked cupcakes, frosting, and some decorative toppings like sprinkles, sugar flowers, candy, printable cupcake toppers and more. You could also cut shapes, numbers, and letters from rolled fondant, or even have a go at sugarpaste modelling.

Cupcake Sprinkles

Birthday Cupcakes

Nintendo (Super Mario Starman) Cupcakes

If you have to make cakes for a Nintendo fan, then why not a batch of Starman Cupcakes? I made them for my son’s 13th birthday with blue buttercream which I piped onto vanilla cupcakes and topped with stars that I cut from yellow fondant.

Nintendo Cupcakes

Camo Cupcakes for a Military Themed Party

I hit the double whammy of using a cake mix and store-bought frosting for these Camouflage Cupcakes that I made for my son’s army themed party.

I then added my printable cupcake wrappers and printable camo cupcake toppers to finish them off, and I think they ended up looking pretty awesome!

Army Cupcakes - Military Cupcakes

Gold Cupcakes

These Birthday Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes that I made for my husband, were the first cupcake recipe that I shared on my blog, way back in 2011! I used chocolate and vanilla frosting, that I spooned onto the cupcakes, so no need for a piping bag. I then topped the chocolate covered cupcakes with gold sprinkles, and the vanilla ones were finished off with gold food spray.

So if you want to make the most simple of birthday cupcakes, just add some frosting and sprinkles!

Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes

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