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If you are looking for delicious and easy soup recipes then you have found the right place. There are more than 25 recipes here for you to browse through and make at home. Whether you are looking for a simple vegetable soup, a classic chicken soup, or something a little more exotic, there is sure to be a soup recipe here for you to enjoy!

A bowl of soup is always comforting, especially in the cooler autumn and winter months; but they are also a great year-round dish. Soups also a great way to use up leftovers, making them really thrifty too.

25+ Delicious Easy Soup Recipes

Easy Soup Recipes

It’s amazing how versatile soups can be – I don’t think there are any ingredients that would be off limits when it comes to making a bowl of soup. I mean, you can even make sweet fruit soup if you wanted to! Take a read of the Wiki page about the origins, history, and types of soup – evidence of the existence of soup can be found as far back as about 20,000 BC… how crazy is that?!

Soup is so easy to make – most of the time you just toss all the ingredients into a large saucepan and leave it to simmer away. At least, that’s how I make the majority of my soups!

Everyone, no matter what their cooking skill level can make soup, and that’s why I’ve called this post easy soup recipes. Most of these soups are simple to make, and the ones that require a little more skill are just because you might need to cook something off first before adding it to the soup – but that’s hardly rocket science is it?

25+ Delicious & Easy Soup Recipes with a picture of a bowl of tomato soup and a spoon

Before I get into the recipes, here is some handy information for you.

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Easy Vegetable Soups

I’ll start with vegetable soups they have got to be the easiest of easy soups to make right?

  • This Slow Cooker Mushroom Soup is made with wild rice, mushrooms (of course!), chopped stock vegetables, and a secret ingredient to give it a creamy taste.
  • Back in the 80s, when they still taught Home Economics in schools, I made my very first Vegetable Soup. The recipe told us to bring in a selection of vegetables so that is what the class did, and we all made different kinds of vegetable soup. If I could make soup at the age of 11, anyone can!
  • Use any seasonal vegetables you like in your soup. I made my Winter Vegetable Soup with a soup maker which is a great piece of kitchen equipment if you don’t have a kitchen (like a dorm room at college for example!).
  • I tend to blend most of my soups with an immersion hand blender to get a nice smooth consistency. But sometimes you want to bite into the veggies, like in this Chunky Vegetable Soup recipe.
  • Leek & Potato Soup is one of my favourite soups, and tastes even nicer when someone else makes it for you!
  • This Spicy Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper Soup has tons of flavour thanks to oven roasting the tomatoes and peppers before turning into a soup. It’ll take a little longer than “throw it all in the pot and leave it to cook” soups, but the end result is out of the world delicious.
  • Similar to the previous recipe, but not quite the same is Bloody Mary Soup which is based on the cocktail of the same name. A perfect dish for Halloween!
Winter Vegetable Soup

Easy Pumpkin Soups

Is there more than one way to make pumpkin soup? Yes, yes there is…

Soups with Asian Flavors

I seem to enjoy making soups with ingredients you might find in Chinese, Japanese, or other countries in that region. They are not authentic recipes, but ones I have put together myself with what I had in the kitchen at the time!

Chinese Sweet Chilli Chicken and Noodle Soup

International Soup Recipes

We’re going to take a little trip around the world now with these soups that have their origins in other countries than my own (I live in the UK).

  • I’ll start with a Greek Cypriot soup – Avgolemono, which is an soup made with chicken broth and thickened with eggs and lemon. It also has rice in it, and it’s one of the soups that reminds me of my childhood as my Cypriot Grandmother would lovingly make this for us. It’s one of my favorites.
  • Time for a taste of India with this Spiced Tomato and Coconut Soup that a blogger friend of mine shared with me.
  • This Cuban Black Bean Soup is a copycat recipe from one of our favourite restaurants in Orlando, Florida. I’m not sure how authentically Cuban it is, but it is one tasty soup!
  • When I made Pasta Fagioli (an rustic Italian soup) in the slow cooker, I based it on recipes I had found online which all seemed to be a little bit different. It is nowhere near authentic as I put ground beef in it, but it goes down well with my family!
  • Gazpacho is a cold Spanish soup that is perfect for summer.
  • Try this Hearty Minestrone Soup with Arugula which is a twist on a classic Italian soup.
  • I also have a Low Calorie Minestrone Soup which is still full of flavour but not full of calories if you are counting yours.
  • Make a pot of yummy Italian Meatball Soup for a quick (30 minute) delicious midweek meal.

Vegetarian & Vegan Soup Recipes

Of course, the recipes listed in the vegetable soups list above are vegetarian and/or vegan too, but these two recipes didn’t quite fit in that first category.

  • This filling Veg & Five Bean Soup is packed with goodness – you can use any combo of beans that you like.
  • I make this Chestnut & Sage Soup for special occasions – like Christmas or dinner parties – as it is so decadent! If you’ve never had chestnut soup before you need to try this – it is so good.

Classic Soup Recipes

These soups are classics, ones that people all over will have slightly different recipes for. These are how I make my classic soups.

  • This recipe for Chicken Soup is a family favourite. I make it the way that my Lithuanian grandmother used to make it. As soon as I smell the soup cooking, I’m transported back to her house waiting patiently for it to be ready for us to eat!
  • Pea and Ham Soup is a classic, and a great one to make using leftovers – all is explained in the recipe.
  • This Stuffed Pepper Soup takes the classic dish and turns it into a delicious and hearty soup.
25+ Easy Soup Recipes

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