Our Wedding – The Bride

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Whilst telling you about our wedding day I can’t not tell you about myself – the bride!

I’ll start with the story about my size – I was a plus size bride. I’m one of those gals, who has battled with her weight all my life. No, really. I’ve been overweight since the age of 5. I’m not going to go through the ins-and-outs of that now, it’s not the time, but suffice to say, I did my hardest to lose weight for our wedding – I was going to the gym everyday, had a personal trainer, and whilst it got me somewhat in shape, I didn’t lose the weight that I wanted, but, as with everything in my life as far as my weight and size is concerned, I worked it girlfriend! (wow, that was a loooooong sentence!)

I had my dress made for me, and I ADORED it once I got it on. In the pictures that they emailed me first, not so much, in fact, I shed many a tear. My mum said it was because it was shapeless and lifeless on the dressmakers dummy…and she was right. Once I got that dress on at my first fitting, I was instantly smitten with it!

It was made from white satin with an organza overlay. A sweetheart neckline with crystals embellishing the bodice, as well as along the hem/train. Because I don’t like my arms, I had an organza shrug made, which also had crystals over it. My veil was also white, with pretty drop crystals at the ends.

I bought a very pretty, sparkly tiara to wear..

And my lovely hairdresser, Jackie, came to the venue on the day of the wedding to do my hair. I used to have red (dyed) hair, but a few weeks before the wedding I changed over to black. I’ve stayed that hair colour ever since! I love my black hair :)

My shoes…how could I forget my shoes?! They were purple. They were gorgeous. ‘Nuff said!

Another purple accessory was my cute little heart-shaped clutch bag. I used hearts as decoration throughout the day, so when I saw this on a shopping trip with my mum, I had to buy it!
My hubby (to be) bought me my jewellery, which was handmade. The necklace was clear and purple crystals..so pretty.

And this GORGEOUS charm bracelet, where I was able to chose the charms and I talked more about in my post about the wedding jewellery.

I decided to treat myself to a make-up artist on the day. Not that I am lame at applying make up – far from it lol, but because it would be nice to relax and not stress. This is me after my make up trial. I went for bold coloured eyes, with purple shadow and dark eyeliner. I wear eyeliner every day, and I’m just not “me” without it! I also had some loooong false eyelashes applied – I loved them! A wonderful local lady called Janine did my make-up. I hired her last year for my 35th ‘At The Hop’ 50s Birthday Party.

I’m sure that most brides will say that their perfume is one of the smells that reminds them of their wedding day. Mine does to an extent, hubby bought me a bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier Summer Fragrance, which was limited edition and has now run out *sad face*…

Summer Fragrance

…but it’s the smell of my lip gloss which was by Estée Lauder which reminds me of my wedding day! Whenever I wear it, I’m instantly transported to my wedding day and all the excitement that that day brought.

I put together an Emergency Kit for myself as well for the big day. I was so glad of that fan, let me tell ya! Our wedding day was hot, hot HOT!

Since I would be getting ready at our venue, we saved money by not hiring a car for myself and my bridesmaids, and I unceremoniously drove myself to the venue in our little blue Peugeot! We bought some car ribbon from eBay, just to show it was a wedding car :P

I designed timelines for both myself, hubby and all the attendants,
so we knew what was happening when.


My dresser in the room where I was getting ready.


My Son and I ❤


Me and My Brother ❤


My Sister and Me ❤


My Sister and Me ❤


Me and My Bestie ❤

Since my wedding, and after being threatened with gastric surgery, which I don’t want, I’ve lost nearly 85lbs. It’s taken a couple of years to do that, because, sadly, my body hates me, and refuses to give up weight without a fight…but it’s a battle I’m winning!

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