Our Wedding Entertainment

Our wedding ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception were all at the same venue, and because we knew that there would be a bit of a lull between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, we decided to organise some entertainment to keep our guests occupied and amused :)

We were going to lots of wedding shows in the lead up to our wedding, and we often saw magicians, performing close up magic at weddings. We saw a magician called Gavin Davey, and really enjoyed his charm and his act (and his price!). We kept this a complete surprise for our guests, and he just blended in, showing his magic tricks and entertaining our guests. We hired him to walk around during our canapé reception, whilst we were away having photographs taken. During the speeches he put on a magic show for the kids in the lounge behind the dining room, and I saw his balloon models floating around during the day too!

Sadly, as busy as we were with chatting to our guests and having photographs taken, we didn’t even get to see him perform! He slipped into and slipped back out of the reception without being seen…like magic!

As our wedding was in the summer, and because our venue had a beautiful outdoor garden and courtyard, I thought it would be fun to lay out some giant lawn games for the kids (and big kids!) to play.

I bought a chess set, ludo, Jenga, Connect 4 and a crazy golf set….they really went down a treat with the guests, and I’m so glad we did this! This was another surprise on the day :)

At another wedding show that we visited we saw and heard a wonderfully talented singer called Craig Neil who was hired on the spot :D He helped us put together a set with some lovely swing and soul tracks, and was just brilliant…he even found the track for ‘Earth Angel’ from ‘Back to the Future’ which he sang for us whilst we officially cut our wedding cake :)

Unfortunately, no one told us, or him, that the reception room got wicked hot during summer, and every one was staying outside to keep cool…which meant that a lot of the time, Craig was singing for just a few guests at the bar. I apologised to him for this at the end of his set, and he said how he wished someone had told him about this as he would have gladly set up his PA outside…hindsight, isn’t it marvellous? Hubby and I had a good dance though, and he told us, that as long as he was singing for us, that is all that mattered. A very nice guy great voice and I would highly recommend him.