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Six years ago today I was getting ready to walk down the aisle towards my future husband. It was one of the happiest days of my life, and a memory that is etched onto my heart forever and for always. It turns out, that today is also the weekday that we got married on – so it feels like an extra special wedding anniversary! We got married on Wednesday 5th August 2009 at The Reid Rooms in Margaret Roding, Essex – a beautiful venue that we fell in love with and was perfect for us and our wedding party!

Our Wedding

I’m sharing lots of the official photographs (they can be clicked to enlarge) that we had taken on the day – the favourites that went into our wedding photobook.

I have written all about our wedding day, and made a series about all the planning that went into our big day; and at the end of this post I’ve written about some of the things I would change!

Our Wedding
Our Wedding
Our Wedding
Our Wedding

Things I would do differently!

I had planned to write a full post about what we would do differently, but time got the better of me! However, as I’ve compiled the photos for this post, some things have sprung to mind, so here they are in short…

  1. I’d choose a different photographer – now my eye for photos has become a lot better, I look at some of our wedding photos and cringe at the composition and lighting. I would choose a much more modern photographer who has a good eye for candid shots and for the little details.
  2. I’d make sure I’d got key photos taken – there isn’t one of just me with my mum; I don’t have any of my husband with the bridesmaids, or him with his best men; there isn’t any of us with our friends; and lots of the little details that I asked to make sure were photographed, were not.
  3. I’d make sure that the back of my dress was done up correctly – the girls did their best at lacing me into my dress – but having only been shown once, they forgot to pull down the panel, and I can see it sticking out, which winds me up!!
  4. I’d order more buffet food for the evening – it ran out, even though we were told we would have enough. It’s my worst fear when catering for a party! So many people told us since that they didn’t even get a look in!
  5. I’d make sure that our singer, Craig Neil would set up outside – our wedding day was blazing hot, and so, everyone sat outside in the courtyard. No staff told him he could set up out there, so he was set up in the reception room, and barely anyone saw him! You could hear him outside though, but it’s not the point!
  6. I’d hire the photographer and videographer to stay into the evening – I am sad that we have barely a single photo from the evening reception and all the additional guests we had!
  7. I’d remember to kiss my dad at the end of the aisle – in my rush to get married, I forgot to give him a kiss! I see it every time in the video and it makes me so sad that I didn’t do that!

And I think that is it! I had so much fun planning our wedding, and still love all the added extras we did to make the day memorable. We think our wedding day was FANTASTIC!

Our Wedding
Our Wedding

I’ve loved looking back at our wedding photographs, and I hope you have enjoyed looking at them too; but I’m curious – would you change anything about your wedding day?

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