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Next in the reshare of our wedding day to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, is the wedding favors that we gave out to our guests. We actually ended up having several different favors!

The first wedding favor I’ll tell you about are the bonbonieres, which I think are so pretty! I remember going to lots of Greek weddings as a child and being handed one of these to take home. I always knew that on my wedding day, I would have these for my guests too.

Inside each one are five sugared almonds, and they represent ‘Health, Wealth, Happiness, Fertility and Long Life’.

I made them myself by using special cups that hold the almonds, bundled up with layers of tulle, tied with a ribbon (which had the represented words printed on them) and then topped off with a white floral decoration.

These are traditionally handed out to just the female guests, which I did during our receiving line before the wedding breakfast. I bought a couple of cupcake stands to hold them safely (which you can see in the first image on this page). I still have my bonboniere, and it sits in my wedding memories jar in our bedroom.

The second favour that we handed out were individual Greek wedding cakes. I LOVE these, and again, growing up and being invited to lots of Greek weddings, meant we got given these little cakes. They are so delicious – mixed nuts like pistachio and almonds, encased it a biscuity crust, and dusted with icing sugar. There is a hint of rosewater in there as well. A very unique flavour, but one of my favourite Greek confections – just a shame you can only ever really get them at weddings!

Again, I knew that when “I grow up and get married” I would want Greek wedding cakes! As my sister was getting married the same year, a few weeks before us, in Cyprus, my dad ordered a quantity for us to bring home for our wedding. They come in plain white packaging, which I embellished with purple ribbon and made little tags to go with.

Individual Greek Wedding Cake

I then placed them all into a basket, which I decorated with a ribbon rose. My sister and chief bridesmaid, who was part of the receiving line handed them out for us. I’ve actually ordered some from a Greek Bakery in North London for our 10th anniversary party!

Our final favour doubled up as the place cards on the tables. We had two different sized favour boxes, the larger in purple, and the smaller in white. Inside the purple box went a couple of heart shaped, purple foil wrapped chocolates, and in the white box a small tube of Love Hearts candy. I then tied the boxes together with purple ribbon and attached the name label to each one. I loved how they turned out!

Not really a favour, but were at the guest’s table places were bottles of bubbles. We bought plain bottles from eBay and I decorated them with ribbon.

We only had a few children at our wedding, and so I made goodie bags for them to kept them entertained during dinner, and the speeches. I bought plain white paper bags, and attached a label with each child’s name on it. They were then placed at their table setting. I stuffed them with fun things for them to play with – according to their ages – and also made a little colouring book for each of them too.

And I also devised a photo challenge for the children, by providing them with a disposable camera and a list of things to take photographs of. They all had fun taking photos, and they were great to look at after the event!

Wedding Photography Challenge for Kids!

One of my favourite photos is one that my son took as part of the photo challenge!

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