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One of the biggest symbols of a marriage ceremony are the rings. I LOVE both my wedding ring and engagement ring – they go so well together, and if I have to take them off for any reason, I feel lost without them! I know hubby loves his wedding ring too, and he never takes his off.

Here they are in all their sparkly glory! We actually took the photos below at the beach on our honeymoon. Our rings are white gold, and have lots of lovely diamonds in them.

My Engagement & Wedding Rings
My Husband’s Wedding Ring

 Once at our wedding venue, my then fiance tied both our rings to a little ring pillow which my son then carried carefully down the aisle.

Our Pageboy & Flowergirl

On our wedding day, my hubby bought me a sparkly, handmade necklace made with crystals and a purple heart, plus matching earrings and a gorgeous charm bracelet.

My Wedding Necklace & Earrings

I adore this bracelet! You can’t quite see all the charms, but there is a pair of cherries (my favourite fruit), a shell (my nickname), a little cross (my religion), a map of Cyprus (my heritage), a pumpkin (I love them!), and a map of Japan (a country I would love to visit).

My Wedding Charm Bracelet

And finally, my very pretty, very sparkly, tiara.

My Wedding Tiara

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