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As soon as we got engaged and started to plan our wedding, I knew that I wanted to make our wedding invitations, and all of our other wedding stationery. And I’m so glad that I did as it saved us a lot of money; money that could be spent on other wedding things!

When I was looking online for wedding inspiration (10+ years ago now!), I kept coming across pocketfold wedding invitations which I really loved the style of. They were not so popular in the UK back then, and I had some trouble sourcing blank pocketfolds. When I finally found some I was ever so excited!

However, way before deciding on anything for our wedding, we sent out Save The Date cards as our wedding was going to be on a Wednesday and we wanted to give plenty of notice. I made them myself, printing them on magnetic card and sending out to all our guests.

Because I designed these before anything else, they don’t really match the rest of our stationery, but hey ho – they did the job they were made to do!

Our Save The Date Cards

Right, back to the invitations, and more specifically, the day time invitations. I just loved how they turned out, and still do. If I was making them now, there might be a few font changes (I had used Angelina, Adorable and Trebuchet MS throughout), but that’s all I would change!

Most pieces of stationery were printed onto white paper then mounted onto either purple or black card (or both!). I had such a struggle finding the exact purple that I wanted. I am so fussy when it comes to the colour purple!

I eventually found the most gorgeous purple card in a craft shop, but it was A1 in size – that is HUGE! So I painstakingly cut everything down to size, by hand with a paper trimmer. I really could have done with my Cricut back then!

Our Wedding Invitation – Front

As I mentioned, we had pocketfold invitations. The inside left, held the invitation itself with , and the pocket on the right housed four cards – one each for directions, information, photography and RSVP. I remember meticulously working out the size of each piece of card so that they would fit together nicely! I used swirly graphics and tiny purple gemstones throughout.

(Once again, I apologise for bad photography, I know how awfully blurry these photos are!)

Our Wedding Invitation – Inside
  • The Directions card, gave, of course, the address details and directions to the venue, along with a map.
  • The Information card had accommodation recommendations, taxi numbers, gift list number and order of the day, among a couple of other pieces of info.
  • The Photography card explained how we would love to see guests’ photos, and gave directions for them to upload them to our online photobox, or to pop them on a disc (which we provided) and send them to us. Nowadays photos would be shared super quickly on social media I’m sure!
  • The RSVP card had details of how to reply.
Our Wedding Invitation – Inserts

The evening invitations were a lot simpler in that they were a single card, designed with similar flourishes and gemstones, then mounted onto purple and black card.

When I look at the wedding invitations that I made, with so much love, care and attention, it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

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