Our Wedding Candy Buffet

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I have mentioned in another of my flashback posts about our wedding that I took a lot of inspiration from [American] weddings that I saw on The Knot, one idea that kept popping up was a candy buffet. These days they are a lot more common in the UK, but, back then, not so much. I eventually sold my hubby on the idea, and we set to work buying jars, bags, scoops and of course lots and lots of sweeties!

I was a bit worried that this might fall flat on its face, but I needn’t have worried because it was a roaring success! I can honestly say we were left with next to no sweets by the end of the night. I’m so glad that we did this. I think what helped was the selection of retro sweets that we picked, which took people back to their childhoods :)

I made a sign (after finding a poem online)


I made some tags, using images of the sweets as a background for the text.


This was the mock up I did at home

Share this with friends and family!