Our Wedding – The Food

One of the most expensive parts of our wedding day was the catering. We found a venue that allowed us to have our own caterers, which was ideal for us as we had several dietary requirements including vegetarians, kosher, vegans and fussy eaters! Because of this we decided to have a cold fork buffet as the main meal which we felt would give every one choice, and it felt less formal than a 3 course sit down dinner.

After phoning several caterers, we decided to use a company called Magpie Catering, who were not only friendly and very helpful, but also had a great choice of options for the buffet, as well as some fantastic canape choices too. We had gone to a wedding show and had sampled some teeny tiny hamburger canapes. I think mini food is so cute ^_^ and we knew we would want canapes at our wedding to tide people over during the time between the ceremony and the reception.

Originally, for the evening buffet, we were going to have a bagel station, but after working out numbers and costs, it proved to be a little bit too over our food budget, so that idea was scrapped in favour of a traditional buffet.

The Cold Fork Buffet

Before our wedding, Magpie invited us to a tasting, where we would be able to sample our chosen canapes. Because we were having a cold fork buffet, they couldn’t sample this – but in our opinion, cold cuts and salads, didn’t need sampling!

These photos below are from our tasting session…on our wedding day I didn’t even see the staff walking around with trays of food! But everything was a hit! My only instruction to my bridesmaids was to make sure that someone grabbed me a mini burger! I paid £2 each for those bad boys so I wanted to make sure I got *something* lol

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bites


Vegetable Spring Rolls


Mini Fish ‘n’ Chips


Mini Jacket Potatoes with Sour Cream and Chives


Vegetable Samosas


Satay Chicken Skewers


Mini Hamburgers

We also got to taste our desserts. We decided to have a trio of desserts, including a lemon cheesecake, apple pie and pavlova. In the end, we swapped out the pavlova for chocolate brownie instead. What I loved about Magpie was that their food was made from scratch (with the exception of some of the canapes, which were obviously pre-bought), and it looked it too. I didn’t want too much ponce at our wedding!

Trio of Desserts


Lemon Cheesecake


Raspberry Pavlova


Apple Pie

For our main meal, we chose several cold cuts including turkey, beef and salmon. There was also vegetarian quiche along with a selection of salads, new potatoes and condiments. Guests were invited table by table to go to the buffet, where the staff served them. As the top table, we were waited on, and I didn’t actually see the buffet until the photos!

The menu stands I made for each table

For drinks during the meal, we were able to provide our own selection of wines and soft drinks, and we didn’t have to pay corkage either. Our house looked like an off-license in the weeks leading to the wedding!

During the Canape Reception/Photos, we had Buck’s Fizz and Asti with Raspberries

As I mentioned earlier, we also had an evening buffet for the extra evening guests, but no photos exist of this I’m afraid. I did see the buffet before it was devoured – I can’t even remember what we had on it! The food went very quickly, and I think we actually under-catered for this, which was a shame, as several people mentioned (after the event) that they didn’t even get a look in!

On the whole, our catering staff were wonderful. They provided a great service and tasty food, and I would highly recommend them.