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Music plays a big part in most weddings, with music before, during and after the ceremony, the first dance, the daddy/daughter dance, the last song of the night…Let me tell you all about the music on our wedding day, 10 years ago. ♥ Whenever I hear these tunes, I am instantly transported back to our wedding day and the happiness, joy and love that was felt all around!

Music plays a big part in my life – I’m a words kinda gal, I really pay attention to the lyrics of songs and find their meaning – often having to explain to Steve what the song is all about – he just either likes a song or doesn’t – where as I’m like, listen to the words dude!

Of course I love the melody, but the lyrics really are what does it for me – they can make or break a song for me!

We needed to have several songs for the ceremony – background music whilst guests arrive and take their seats; as well as songs for when I walk down the aisle, when we sign the register, and when we both walk back up the aisle as husband and wife.

For the background music, we played Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel; Ode To Joy by Beethoven; Falling In Love by Tim O’Neill; and we found an instrumental version of Eidelweiss from The Sound of Music which we also played.

The background songs played on a loop until it was time for me to make my appearance!

Everyone that knows me thought that I would have chosen a Darren Hayes (former Savage Garden) song to walk down the aisle. After all, I love Darren nearly as much as I love my husband!!! But it even surprised me when I actually picked a different artist!

I had been searching for wedding processional songs and up popped From This Moment On by Shania Twain. I had NEVER heard this song. EVER. The guitar intro got me all a flutter… Then the lyrics… And I was in tears!

Shall I tell you the line that does it for me? ‘I give my hand to you with all my heart, Can’t wait to live my life with you, can’t wait to start’. It is such a beautiful song, and it gets me every time, right in the feels.

Let me set the scene… We’ve said our vows, we’ve heard our readings, we’ve exchanged our rings, and said I do; and now it’s time to get all official and sign the register.

We had been told to have one or two song choices for this – depends on how long the the photographer takes to take the photographs, You are not allowed to take photos during the actual real signing, so it’s a pretend one, with a fake registry book.

Of course, our wedding day wouldn’t be the same without a song by Darren Hayes or Savage Garden, so we picked I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden.

I love the whole song of course, but this line ‘And in your eyes I see the missing piece, I think I found my way home’, and this one ‘I am complete now that I’ve found you’ are the ones ♥

The other song was A Moment Like This by Leona Lewis, which we also used in our wedding video montage.

The song we struggled with the most was the recessional song – aka the one we walk out as husband and wife to.

We narrowed it down to a few choices – I want something a little upbeat and “celebration-y” but at the same time nice lyrics!

I know a popular choice is Signed Sealed Delivered by the wonderful Stevie Wonder – but listen to the lyrics people it’s about a dude who left his missus and hopes that she’ll take him back! I know people go for it for the “Signed Sealed Delivered” bit, but uh-uh *shakes finger*

There was the pop-rock choice with The Best Thing by Savage Garden, but we though the intro might be a bit too rocky for the guests…but the words, the words!

Then there was You’re the World To Me by David Gray that I love the beat of, but the lyrics, not so much. Especially as the opening line is “I started talking then the line went dead” which is the most we would probably hear, and so that was a no from us!

We also loved Everything by Michael Bublé which is a beautiful melody, and the lyrics are awesome, but the song we decided on was Forever And For Always by Shania Twain, I loved that it was a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, upbeat, and the lyrics were, and continue to be PERFECT for us.

We also had a specific song during our cake cutting – the real one, rather than the fake one for photos! It was Earth Angel which is made famous by the movie Back To The Future (another of our favourites!). It was actually sung by our wedding singer – but more about him the post about our wedding entertainment!

And now for what is probably the most memorable of all wedding songs – the first dance. We kept it a secret, and I didn’t even write about it on my wedding blog – 98 Days and Counting!

We chose Your Song as sung by Ewan McGregor in the film Moulin Rouge. It was one of the first films we ever watched together, and the lyrics just fit. We both prefer this version over the original (sorry Elton!).

Now this song, makes us both cry! It doesn’t matter where we hear it…it’s OUR SONG, and always will be. On our wedding day I think we both cried all the way through! Not tears of sadness, but tears of elation and joy – and I remember saying to my husband that this was the best day of my life. ♥

After that first dance together as husband and wife, I danced with my daddy…I chose Isn’t She Lovely? by Stevie Wonder, who is one of my favourite musicians, and because I know that he wrote that song for his daughter.

Such a lovely moment getting to dance with my dad on my wedding day, and it was great fun too, especially when we look back at the DVD and see my dad having a boogie during the intro!

Another song that I wanted to have on the playlist was So Beautiful by Darren Hayes. The song came out in 2005, the same year I met my husband. Darren song is so full of love, because he is in love…and that’s why it’s so beautiful.

Our final song of the night was Love is in the Air by John Paul Young from the film Strictly Ballroom. The song is upbeat, and it’s one of those songs that has an awesome build up, and the lyrics are so fitting for a wedding!

These songs will always take us back to our wedding day… and I can’t believe it was nearly 10 years ago now! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

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