Our Wedding – Memories & Keepsakes

This post about our wedding Friday Flashback is about the ways we were able to share memories, and what we provided that would serve as keepsakes of our wedding day.

Instead of a traditional guest book, I devised a ‘Wish Jar’ instead. We bought a big glass bell jar, which I tied some ribbon around, and then provided cards and pens for guests to leave their message. I also printed off a sign to sit next to the jar. Now, the jar is our ‘Wedding Memories Jar’, and I’ve got lots of keepsakes from the day in there, including the messages we received in it, a favour, invitation, a dried rose from my bouquet…

I also bought a blank card box online and decorated it in our colours. Guests were able to pop their cards in there for us to open afterwards.

I think I mentioned in another post that we left blank CDs for guests to take home and burn their digital photographs from our wedding day and send to us. This is the basket of CDs. We also gave details of where and how to upload to an online photo account.

Once we got photos back, I burned them to a disc to back them up – I of course created a cover for this!

Finally, as a memorial on our wedding day, we printed off images of our some of our relatives’ wedding days and put them up for display. My husband has lost both sets of grandparents, and I (at the time) one set. We also included our parents’ wedding pictures, and a picture of my surviving grandparents who couldn’t travel to us from Cyprus. My grandmother died a few months after our wedding, and whilst she wasn’t there, it’s nice to know that her wedding memory was. I think it was a lovely gesture, and helped bring those who are still much loved, but no longer with us, a little bit closer on our special day. We now have all these photos displayed in our home.