Our Wedding Cake

It’s Friday! Time for some more flashbacks to our wedding day back on 5th August 2009. It’s not that long now until our 3rd anniversary – time really does fly!

This post is all about our wedding cake. I really did want to make our wedding cake, but my husband put his foot down, telling me I’d be too stressed. He was right…I was so busy in the final few weeks leading up to the wedding, I really wouldn’t have had the time.

So, we visited a few local wedding shows, and eventually found a cake maker who I felt would give us what we wanted. My only guidance to her was purple and hearts, and this is what she produced for us…

I remember walking into the dining room and seeing our cake for the first time -you can even hear me on the DVD say “Oh wow! Look at our cake!” It was so pretty, and we loved it. The bottom layer was traditional fruit, then there was a vanilla layer, and finally a chocolate layer.

We bought a cake knife and slice set, which came with free engraving, so we got them engraved with our names and our wedding date. I then tied some purple ribbon around them. It still bugs me that the ribbon doesn’t match the cake ribbon lol.

We did a fake cake cutting for photographs, and then we cut the cake for real in the evening, when the rest of our guests arrived.