Our Wedding Day – 5th August 2009

With just 2 days until our 3rd wedding anniversary, and several posts over the last few weeks about our wedding, it’s time for me to share some of my favourite photographs from our wedding day.

With the invitations sent out, and replies received, with everything that we planned and prepared ready…it was time for the big day! The day started out with my bridesmaids and I, the bride driving to the venue to get ready. With my own personal hairdresser and make up artist, it meant I could sit back and relax!

Meanwhile, my groom was getting ready with his best men and the usher at his parent’s house. The were driven to the venue in a very cool 1960 Cadillac De Ville.

He told me later on how he had some photos taken and tied our wedding rings to the ring pillow, that my son, our pageboy would carry down the aisle.

During that time, our other photographer was taking photos of the bridal party.

There were some photographs taken of our parents.

And after a chat with the registrar, it was time for me to walk down the aisle with my dad. By now, nerves were setting in, but my dad kept me calm and cracked some jokes :) A quick pose for some photographs, and we took the short walk to the ceremony room, holding onto my Dad’s arm, and clutching my gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

My brother was in charge of the music and the handing out of wedding programmes…

As the music started to play the processional song, I watched as my son and my best friend’s little girl (my flowergirl) walk down the aisle, both taking their roles very seriously! My bridesmaids followed, and then it was our turn….

Linking arms with Dad, I took a deep breath and started the walk down the path to the ceremony room and down the aisle towards my future husband. As we got to the front, my Mum thrust a handkerchief into my hands – my something borrowed – and my only regret from my wedding day, is me not turning to kiss my Dad as he handed me to hubby! I must have been so excited, and when I look back at the DVD it is quite clear that I was!

We had a civil ceremony, which meant that we couldn’t have any religious context to our ceremony. We picked some lovely readings that my two sisters and my son read.

We also wrote our own vows…we were both worried before the wedding if we would hold it together – especially myself as I’m such a cry baby, but I really did. I composed myself with each line as I recited my vows, and don’t recall crying.

We then signed the register, and it was when we were able to pose for photographs after the signing (photos cannot be taken during the official signing of the register), the tears suddenly started to fall! Big, huge tears of joy!

Being presented to our guests as Mr & Mrs was the most amazing feeling, and I really can’t put into words out happy I was on our wedding day.

Once outside the ceremony room, it was time for mingling, entertainment and photographs…lots and lots of photographs!

Canapés and Cocktails


Whilst our guests were chatting and enjoying themselves, our photographers took hubby and I off to take photographs of just the two of us…

A lovely group photo of all our guests was taken…

and this photo below cracks me up as it looks like I’m flipping off the photographer…but I am soooo not doing that! It was very hot on our wedding day, and my white lace fan didn’t leave my hands, at this point it’s quite possible that I’m holding my hair back off my face, whilst also trying to hold my fan! This is by far one of my favourite photos, of our wedding day. As the group dispersed, I caught the eye of the photographer, and bent back to pose…my hubby, bless him is holding out his hands to catch me in case I fall!!

We then went into the dining room where we saw our cake and tables for the first time – we were blown away! Everything looked just perfect. We did the pretending to cut the cake photograph and then made our way to the bar area for the receiving line.

During the receiving line we were able to thank every single one of our guests for coming to our wedding to celebrate our special day, and whilst I handed out favours, my chief bridesmaid – my sister, handed out the Greek wedding cakes.

Guests found their tables using escort cards that were set up on the bar, and when every one was seated, it was time for hubby and me to make our way into the dining room.

The kids were kept busy during the meal with goodie bags that I made up for them, and I put trivia boxes and bubbles on the table to keep the big kids amused as well ;)

We took a moment to remember those who could not be with us on that day, and those who are gone but never forgotten and always loved. And to celebrate the weddings of our parents and grandparents ❤

We enjoyed a cold fork buffet which was an informal and relaxed way of having a wedding breakfast, and this style went down really well with our guests!

The meal finished with speeches from my dad (hilarious!), my groom, the best man, my father-in-law and myself! We also handed out gifts to all our attendants and parents to thank them for all their help with the planning of our wedding, and on the day itself.

With speeches over and evening guests arriving, it was time to finish up and move into the reception room for our first dance, proper cake cutting, tossing of the bouquet and general partying!

With the evening entertainment in full swing with a live singer and DJ and the candy buffet getting stuck into by our guests, our wedding day would soon be over…believe it when they say that the day goes fast!

With the last guest gone, and those staying at the venue moving to the farmhouse to go to sleep, my new husband and I took a moment to take the day in. We opened up our cards and gifts that we received, and read through the messages in our wish jar. I was so in love with my wedding dress I didn’t want to take it off! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever worn! And, as we hadn’t really spent much time with each other during the day(!) we caught up with how the day went from each other’s perspective ❤

With an earlier photo planned and taken, there would be one more thing to say to our guests…