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If you are looking for Autumn crafts for adults to make, then you have come to the right place. I love, love, LOVE Autumn – it’s my favourite time of year. The changing colours of the leaves from green to rusty reds and golds, plus of course pumpkins, and other autumnal things, make me feel so inspired!

This selection of adult autumn crafts ranges in level, from ridiculously simple autumn crafts, through to some that require a bit more skill. But whatever level of crafting you are at, take a look at them because you never know what you can do until you try!

10 fantastic Autumn Crafts for Adults

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Autumn Crafts for Adults

I hope you feel inspired to try one or two (or more!) of these fantastic fall crafts which include wreaths, ceramic painting, felt art, soap making, and more! And if you want even more craft ideas, check out these 100+ crafts for adults and kids!

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Autumn Fall Wreath Supplies

Autumn Wreaths

I love making wreaths for autumn, and they can be as simple or as intricate in design as you like!

  • My Simple Autumn Wreath takes less than 10 minutes to make, and you don’t even need a glue gun!
  • You don’t need a glue gun for my Autumn Leaf Wreath either. It’s not quite as simple in design as the previous wreath, but is still on the easy autumn crafts spectrum!
  • To make my Twine & Leaf Autumn Wreath, you are going to need a fair bit of patience as your wrap twine around the wreath ring. And you will need a glue gun – but with some decorative autumnal leaves, berries, and pine cones, you will have a gorgeous fall wreath crafted in no time.
  • Learn how to make a Paper Fall Flower Wreath that looks so pretty when finished.

Shop My Autumn Wreath Making Supply Picks on Amazon:

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Autumn Pumpkin Crafts

There is a fine line between Autumn and Halloween crafts – after all, they share some of the same decorative things – like pumpkins. (Which we all know is one of my favourite things!) But I wanted to keep Halloween stuff firmly out of this roundup of Autumn crafts for adults.

That all said, I do have some pretty pumpkin crafts that are perfect to make and display during the fall season, that I simply have to share.

Pumpkin Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

If you are wondering what on earth Amigurumi is, Wiki says: 

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. The word is a portmanteau of the Japanese words ami, meaning “crocheted or knitted”, and nuigurumi, meaning “stuffed doll”. Amigurumi vary in size and there are no restrictions about size or look. 

(I’ve also got a cute Candy Corn Amigurumi, but that’s more for Halloween!)

The first pattern is the ones I used for my crochet pumpkins, but I've found some other cute pumpkins you could try - including a knitting pattern for all you knitters out there!

Crafts Using Autumn Leaves

I’m trying to keep everything organised on this page, so whilst two of these crafts below fits, the other one – not so much! As I add more crafts to this page, I’ll adjust each section accordingly!

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  1. I made these Autumn Leaf Coasters way back in 2012, and I still have them, and still use them. They truly have stood the test of time over the years!
  2. This Fall Leaf Banner is a quick & easy autumn craft to make and display in your home to welcome in the season.
  3. These Seed/Plant Sticks came about because I didn’t have the craft supplies for another idea I had at the time. While you might not think of Autumn as a time to be planting fruits and vegetables, there are lots you can plant at this time of year. Make your own plant markers to keep track of your seedlings!
Autumn Wreaths, button pumpkin picture, felt pumpkin, autumn leaf coasters, crochet pumpkin, ceramic pumpkin pot
Awesome Autumn Crafts for Adults

More Autumn Awesomeness!

So I’ve shared my autumn crafts with you, but in case you are looking for other things to do during the fall season, here are some posts that I am sure you will enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed looking through all these crafts for Autumn, and I hope you try some of them out too!

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