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Reasons to LOVE Autumn! So many wonderful things to enjoy during the fall season!

Autumn. The three months of the year nestled between the long sunny days of summer, and the cold darker days of winter. It’s always been my favourite time of year, for many reasons. It starts off with my birthday in September, through to Halloween in October, and Bonfire Night in November… and lots of other things in between!

Comfort Food + Snuggling On The Sofa

After the summer salads and barbecues, Autumn heralds the arrival of comforting casseroles, stews, and pies. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves curling up on the sofa with a yummy plate of comfort food! It might be dark, and cold outside, but tucked under a blanket, sitting on a comfy sofa, in front of the telly, is such a cosy way to spend an evening.

Reasons To Love Autumn

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Reasons To Love Autumn - Comfort Foods

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The Changing Leaves

It strange, that even though the leaves on trees are dying off, they look their most beautiful. With shades of red, orange, and gold, a tree in autumn is one of the most gorgeous things in the world.  We have a vine at the bottom of our garden, and this summer it went mad, really taking over the back and side fence… it means that this Autumn we have a stunning display of rusty coloured leaves to look at, without having to go anywhere.

Reasons To Love Autumn - Changing Leaves

Reasons To Love Autumn - The Changing Colours of the Leaves

Reasons To Love Autumn - The Changing Colours of the Leaves

Reasons To Love Autumn - The Changing Colours of the Leaves

Reasons To Love Autumn - The Changing Colours of the Leaves

Walks In The Park + Foraging

The weather is a bit cooler, nature is changing, and I find walking in the park at this time of year just wonderful! And there is always lots of things to go foraging for, like conkers, acorns, fungi (although, we never eat what we find, don’t want to poison us all!), fallen leaves, dandelion puffs, pine cones… Last week we went for a walk in the park with my niece, and had a lot of fun looking for nature’s treasures! She was fascinated by the things we could find and look at. And of course, an autumn walk isn’t complete without crunching through the fallen leaves underfoot.

Reasons To Love Autumn - Walks in the Park

Reasons To Love Autumn - Walks in the Park

Reasons To Love Autumn - Walks in the Park

Autumn - mushrooms

Autumn - mushrooms

Dandelion Puff

Reasons To Love Autumn

Reasons To Love Autumn

Reasons To Love Autumn - Pinecones

Reasons To Love Autumn

Reason To Love Autumn - Fallen Leaves

Blackberry Picking

In addition to our vine, we also have a mass of brambles, which provide us with a lot of blackberries from late summer, into autumn. This year, we decided to turn the soft fruit into jam – something we’ve never done before… it was soooo good!

Reasons To Love Autumn - blackberry picking

Blackberry + Apple Jam

My Birthday

Now of course, this is not something for you to love Autumn for, but it is for me!

Halloween + Pumpkins

Quite possibly my absolute favourite thing about Autumn! We all know I’m a bit bonkers for Halloween (check out Crafty October) and pumpkins! We love visiting a local farm shop at this time of year as they sell giant pumpkins, as well as a host of other weirdly shaped squash. I of course carve a pumpkin, or three (or more! And cook with them), decorate the house for Halloween, and throw a party too.

Reasons To Love Autumn - Pumpkin

Norpar Barns Navestock Essex - Giant Pumpkins

Reasons To Love Autumn - Pumpkins

Reasons To Love Autumn - pumpkin carving

Reasons To Love Autumn - Halloween

Reasons To Love Autumn (23)

Bonfire Night, Fireworks + Toasting Marshmallows

As the final month of Autumn begins, November 5th brings Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night. We always light the fire pit, toast some marshmallows, eat more comfort food, and set off fireworks in celebration. By now, the weather is often more bitter, danker and darker… and that’s a side of Autumn that I’m not so keen on, especially as I’ve grown older and suffered from SAD over the past few years. But just writing up this post and sharing my photos of my favourite things about it, reminds me why there are loads of reasons to love Autumn!

Reasons To Love Autumn - Fire Pit

Reasons To Love Autumn - toasting marshmallows

Reasons To Love Autumn

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