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How To Make An Autumn Leaf Wreath

You may remember back on day 1 of Crafty October 2015 I made a very simple autumn wreath well I’m back to do with another wreath – not quite as simple as that first one, but still easy enough to do! I had bought a selection of artificial leaves, berries, fruits and other wreath making supplies at a local arts & crafts barn. I love that I can use them again and again.

Autumn Leaf Wreath Supplies


These are just suggestions of course – use any combination of autumnal floristry decorations that you like. Ideally, the leaves, acorns, and berries should be on picks, so that you can insert them easily into the grapevine wreath. If they don’t have picks, you could use a hot glue gun to fix into place. I didn’t use glue in this wreath, which means I can dismantle it, and create a new one for another season.

How to make a simple autumn wreath

The wreath can be any size you like, mine was around 12″ wide. I started by wrapping my ribbon around the top of the wreath, knotting into place, then making a bow, leaving long lengths to form a loop, which I knotted at the top.

Next, take the various leaves, nuts, and berries, and start placing on the wreath until you get a layout that is pleasing to you. I always seem to stick to one side of the wreath when making autumn ones (scroll to the bottom to see some of my other wreaths I’ve shared on my blog), but you can go all the way around – like I said, a layout that is pleasing to you. Insert each element into the wreath, ensuring that it is secure. Make sure you’re happy with the layout if you are gluing in place!

And that’s it really, not much more to explain – have fun making your autumn leaf wreath!

If you make this (or any other) wreath for autumn, I would love to see! Make sure to come and share it with me over on my Facebook page.

Autumn Leaf Wreath

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