Rice Salad Recipes

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Looking for Rice Salad Recipes? Here is a delicious selection for you to browse through and prepare at home. Whether you are looking for a side salad or a main dish recipe, there are cold, and warm rice salads using a range of different types of rice – basmati, long-grain, and wild – and a variety of tasty ingredients for you to enjoy!

10 Delicious rice salad recipes

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Rice Salad Recipes

Before I get into the recipes, here is some handy information for you.

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I think I say it in nearly all of my salad recipe posts, but I love salads! I enjoy making them, and eating them too. They are so versatile and can be made with just about any ingredient.

Not only are the ingredients versatile, the humble salad works as a starter or appetizer, as a main dish, or as a side dish. And of course, they’re great for serving a crowd, so are perfect for preparing for parties, picnics, or for taking to a potluck.

Salads are also fab for preparing in advance as part of your meal prep routine. I like to make them for the working week ahead, and store in glass [Mason] jars which I have found keeps food amazingly fresh for the whole week. Several of these rice salad recipes are great for making ahead to take to work, school, or college, or to have ready in jars in the fridge if you are home-based.

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Cold Rice Salads

  • My Empire Rice Salad was a hit at a party that I threw for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – hence the name of this dish! It is packed with fresh herbs, fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nuts, and tossed together with a lemony dressing.
  • This Tropical Island Rice recipe is a twist on the Empire Rice Salad above. Tropical ingredients like pineapple, macadamia nuts, mango and chillies, and a dressing made with rice vinegar and soy sauce really make this dish sing!
  • I made my Tropical Curried Rice using up leftover veggies that I had. Turmeric turns the rice yellow, and a subtle curry flavor comes from ground cumin and coriander.
  • Yet another tweak on the original, I made this Jewelled Rice Salad as part of our Christmas buffet.
  • You can tell that I love tropical flavours and ingredients, as here is my Tropical Rice Salad recipe which might seem like all the others, but is slightly different!
Tropical Rice Salad

I will be adding to this list of rice salad recipes over time, so make sure that you save this post to your Pinterest recipe boards so that you can always find them.

Warm Rice Salads

Jewelled Persian Rice with Pomegranates, Walnuts and Parsley
Jewelled Persian Rice

More Rice Dishes

These are not officially salads, but they are dishes that do contain rice, so I wanted to include them here for you to look through.

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10 rice salad recipes

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