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Our set of 9 free aesthetic Halloween wallpaper for iPhones is a quick way to add a touch of Halloween spirit to your mobile device this spooky season! 

From cute Halloween wallpaper designs to more eerie, atmospheric ones, the collection captures all we love about our favorite time of the year!

Whether you’re searching for something whimsical or a touch more mysterious, we’ve crafted some of the best Halloween wallpapers to grace your iPhone lock screen. Dive in and let the haunting begin!

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Free Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper for iPhones

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Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper for iPhones

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s that magical time of year again! The good news? We’ve brewed up a whole host of aesthetic Halloween wallpapers for iPhones to get you in the spooky spirit.

For all the users of Android phones, don’t fret! While our primary focus was on Halloween iPhone wallpapers, most of these will suit a variety of mobile device screen sizes.

So, whether you’re in team iPhone or Android, you can enjoy these aesthetic wallpapers!

We will add to these spooky Halloween wallpapers, so tap the buttons below to save to your Halloween Pinterest board or Facebook page for later!

Downloading Made Easy

Downloading your new wallpaper is a breeze. Just do a long press on your favorite to save wallpaper images to your camera roll. You will then be able to set it as your background wallpaper.

You may have to pinch to crop and make it fit correctly. This is likely to depend on your screen size.

You can also right-click and save the cute wallpapers to your computer to upload to your phone.

Free Halloween Wallpapers

#1 Purple Halloween

Dive into a mystical Halloween realm dominated by enchanting shades of purple. The luminescent full moon, flying witch and bat silhouettes, and soft-glowing purple pumpkins create a mesmerizing backdrop—we are The Purple Pumpkin Blog, after all! 

This wallpaper will surely add a magical purple aesthetic to your device, making it perfect for the spooky season. Check out our other Purple Halloween iPhone Wallpaper To Download for Free!


#2 Black Cat & Pumpkin Porch

Immerse yourself in the charm of Halloween with this porch setting. A full moon, carved pumpkin Jack-o’-lanterns, fallen autumn leaves, and a curious black cat make this a favorite for the fall season.


#3 Ghosts About Town

To get in the spooky mood, let these playfully dressed ghosts and festive townhouses be the face of your home screen—it’s boo-tiful!


#4 Moonlit Pumpkin Patch

Dive into the eerie beauty of a foggy, moonlit pumpkin patch. This pumpkin wallpaper perfectly captures the mystical Halloween atmosphere, making it a great way to embrace the spirit of Halloween.


#5 Trick or Treat Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper for iPhones

Feel the magic of Halloween with this storybook scene. The bustling street, each of the children in a Halloween costume, and a distant castle silhouette are sure to bring a smile every time you glance at your phone.


#6 Time for Candy!

Relive the warmth and joy of Halloween with a living room setting filled with vintage treasures. The fireplace’s glow, spider webs, children’s laughter as they look through their Halloween candy, and haunting gramophone tunes encapsulate spooky festive spirits.


#7 Enchanted Witch’s Cottage

Venture into a mystical forest and discover an enchanting witch’s cottage. With a big cauldron brewing potions and magical orbs, this wallpaper will bewitch your senses.


#8 Haunted Forest

Let the tranquility and spookiness of this haunted forest be your iPhone’s backdrop. The towering trees, playful bats and ghosts, and the distant mansion truly evoke the spirit of the spookiest season of them all!


#9 Vampire’s Lair

Dive into the dark elegance of a vampire’s lair with this amazing wallpaper. This luxurious castle room with its brooding vampire is perfect for those who love a touch of gothic charm.

Red crushed velvet, a chandelier, candelabras lit with candles, and portraits of fellow vampires give that vibe of classic Halloween movies.


Halloween Theme iPhone

For those searching for an even more personalized touch, consider matching these wallpapers with Halloween app icons. The seamless combination will undoubtedly make your mobile device the talk of the town!

Whether you’re looking for a spooky wallpaper to get into the Halloween spirit or an aesthetic background to match your ghostly festive spirits, our collection has something for everyone.

Enjoy these free Halloween wallpapers, and may your spooky season be filled with thrills—Happy Halloween!

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