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Download and use these free Disney Halloween Desktop Backgrounds to bring some Walt Disney World magic to your computer, laptop, or tablet this spooky season! With 6 different wallpapers made from photographs taken at Magic Kingdom during Halloween, you are sure to find an awesome background for your device here!

Disney Halloween Desktop Backgrounds

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Disney Halloween Desktop Backgrounds

Walt Disney World during the Halloween season is one of the best times to visit!

It starts early at the Magic Kingdom, usually in August, so for most of our trips to Disney World we’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Disney Park in all its spooky glory many times!

We’ve been so lucky to visit Walt Disney World seven times in the past decade, and I’ve taken thousands of photos in that time. The last time we were actually there for the fall season was back in 2016 for my 40th birthday, which you can read all about in my WDW-40: 2016 Trip Report.

The photos that make these wallpapers are all taken by me on our trips to Walt Disney World, so you won’t find these anywhere else. And if you do, please tell me, because that’s naughty!

I’ve made a LOT of Disney phone wallpapers, but never wallpapers for desktops (or laptops or tablets or MacBooks or Surface or whatever screens bigger than a phone!)… until now!

Much like phone screens, desktop screens have so many different sizes that it’s just impossible for me to cover them all, so I’ve made these as a standard 16:9 ratio (1920×1080) which is the most common aspect ratio for computer screens.

Once you set it as a background your device may resize it to fit – meaning what you see in the images below won’t be exactly the same if your screen is a slightly different size – some of it may be cropped, or it may fill in the background with a plain color. You know your device the best, so play with the settings until you are happy with it!

To download the images, right-click and save to your device or tap and save to your device if you are on a tablet.

#1 – Pumpkin Mickey Wreath Desktop Background – Pumpkin Mickey Jack-o’-Lanterns adorn these gorgeous fall wreaths during the season. I absolutely adore them and this image is my current desktop background too!

Pumpkin Mickey Wreath Desktop Background

#2 – Stack of Jack-o’Lanterns Desktop Background – These two stacks of carved pumpkins sit in the pumpkin patch at the top (or is it bottom?) of Main Street USA. With Cinderella Castle at the other end, it’s a great photo op!

Stack of Jack-o'Lanterns Desktop Background

#3 – HalloWishes Desktop Background – HalloWishes fireworks show (now ended sadly and replaced with a new show) is (was) the best fireworks at Walt Disney World – for me at least. I loved the soundtrack, the fireworks display, the way Cinderella Castle looks when the lights go out like in this photo below!

HalloWishes Desktop Background

#4 – Disney Halloween Fireworks Desktop Background – Another shot from HalloWishes with a lot more color this time!

Disney Halloween Fireworks Desktop Background

#5 – Boo To You Parade Desktop Background – Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween Parade is fun and the soundrack is infections! By the end you will be singing along “Boo to you and you and you and you… Happy Halloween!” even if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it! This sign is wheeled out to open the parade.

Boo To You Parade Desktop Background

#6 – Disney Pals at Halloween Desktop Background – So many characters come out for the Boo To You parade – in the float at the very back is Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy – sadly I don’t have a horizontal shot to use as a desktop background *sad face* but this one with a whole gaggle of other Disney Pals is a fun one for your device!

Disney Pals at Halloween Desktop Background

Disney Phone Wallpapers

I have a lots more sets of Disney phone Wallpapers that you are sure to love. Save your favorites to your phone and use them all year round!

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