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If you want some Disney World Halloween iPhone Wallpaper to download then look no further because there are nine different wallpapers from Walt Disney World at Halloween for you to use! Bring some of that Disney magic to your phone this spooky season!

Disney World Halloween iPhone Wallpapers - as described in the blog post.

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Disney World Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

We LOVE Walt Disney World at Halloween, it truly is our favorite time of year to visit!

Fall and Halloween starts early at the Magic Kingdom – in August! So sharing Disney World Halloween iPhone wallpaper with you in September doesn’t feel so bad. (Who am I kidding, I would share Halloween stuff year round if I could!)

We’ve been so lucky to visit Walt Disney World seven times in the past decade, and I’ve taken thousands of photos in that time. The last time we were actually there for the fall season was back in 2016 for my 40th birthday, which you can read all about in my WDW-40: 2016 Trip Report.

The photos that make these wallpapers are all taken by me on our trips to Walt Disney World, so you won’t find these anywhere else. And if you do, please tell me, because that’s naughty!

With so many screen sizes out there, it’s difficult for me to make them for every phone screen, but you could always just save these to your phone and see if they fit!

I am an iPhone user, so my instructions on how to use the wallpapers may be slightly different, but I think we all know how to do this on our devices right?

To download these Disney fall wallpapers, simply open this post on your phone, tap and hold the image until the option box comes up, then tap save image. It’ll go into your camera roll where you can then set it as your wallpaper.

You may have to turn Perspective Zoom off and pinch to make it fit correctly.

You can of course, also right click and save the image to your computer to upload to your phone.

#1 – Mickey Jack-o’-lantern Wallpaper – these look awesome during the day, but at night, they come alive!


#2 – Baseball Player Disney Scarecrow Wallpaper – you’ll find several scarecrows in the Town Square of Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom!


#3 – Pumpkin Mickey Mouse Projection Wallpaper – during the spooky season (and maybe just the Halloween parties) Mickey’s image as a pumpkin is projection on the floor in front of the Railway Station at Magic Kingdom.


#4 – Cinderella Castle at Halloween Wallpaper – A stack of Jack-o’-lanterns at the top of Main Street USA and Cinderella Castle at the bottom – perfection!


#5 – The Evil Queen Wallpaper – riding on her float around the Magic Kingdom with her Magic Mirror as part of Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween Parade!


#6 – Disney Balloons Wallpaper – Look at the Jack Skellington balloons that this Disney Balloon Seller is holding! I will confess, I have bought one before!


#7 – Pumpkin Lady Scarecrow Wallpaper – another one of the scarecrows, looks like she’s holding a shopping bag from the Emporium!


#8 – HalloWishes Fireworks Wallpaper – the best (in my opinion!) fireworks at Walt Disney World!


#9 – Pumpkin Scarecrow Wallpaper – and I’ve just realised this is the same scarecrow but in different light – oh well – choices!


More Disney Phone Wallpapers

I have a lots more sets of Disney Wallpapers that you are sure to love. Save your favorites to your phone and use them all year round!

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