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Here are nine awesome Disney Pumpkins Halloween Phone Wallpapers for you to download and use to bring some Disney Halloween Magic to your phone screen!

They’re all photographs taken by me on our previous trip to Walt Disney World, so you won’t find these Disney wallpapers anywhere else!

Disney Pumpkins Halloween Phone Wallpapers

Disney Pumpkins Halloween Phone Wallpapers

Regular readers will know that I not only love Halloween, but also love Disney – and so the two of those together is like heaven for me! My favourite time to visit Walt Disney World is during the Fall because of all the awesome decorations and Disney pumpkins! Not to mention Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival!

It’s been a while since we have visited during the Autumn – the last time was 2016. However, I went through the thousands of Walt Disney World photos in my back catalogue and found tons that I’ve not used in my wallpapers!

I plan on making several sets this Crafty October, all with some sort of themes. This set’s theme is Disney Pumpkins!

Everywhere you look in the Magic Kingdom you’ll find pumpkins and Jack-o’-lanterns, and you’ll find some at the Resorts too. Some Disney Resorts even have pumpkin decorating contests for their Cast Members, and they’re always fun to look at!

With so many screen sizes out there, it’s difficult for me to make them for every phone screen, but you could always just save these to your phone and see if they fit!

To download these Disney Pumpkin Halloween Phone Wallpapers, simply open this post on your phone, tap and hold the image until the option box comes up, then tap save image. It’ll go into your camera roll where you can then set it as your wallpaper. You may have to turn turn Perspective Zoom off, and pinch to make it fit correctly. You can of course, also right click and save the image to your computer to upload to your phone.

#1 – Pumpkin Mickey Head (Glowing) Wallpaper – I love these wreaths that are everywhere in the Magic Kingdom!

Pumpkin Mickey Head (Glowing) Wallpaper

#2 – Pumpkin Mickey Wreath (Glowing) Wallpaper – I think they’re on pretty much every lamp post as you walk down Main Street U.S.A!

Pumpkin Mickey Wreath (Glowing) Wallpaper

#3 – Mickey Pumpkin Fall Wreath Wallpaper – The wreaths look just as awesome during the day, as they do when glowing at night. This one is in front of Cinderella Castle.

Mickey Pumpkin Fall Wreath Wallpaper

#4 – Mickey Autumn Wreath Wallpaper – This Mickey wreath is as you enter the Magic Kingdom. I love how autumnal it is!

Mickey Autumn Wreath Wallpaper

#5 – Stacks of Pumpkins Wallpaper – This pair of pumpkin stacks are a great photo op at the bottom of Main Street U.S.A.

Stacks of Pumpkins Wallpaper

#6 – Band Member Scarecrow Wallpaper – There are several pumpkin head scarecrows in the entrance hub at the Magic Kingdom, including this band member.

Pumpkin Band Member Scarecrow Wallpaper

#7 – Pair of Pumpkins Wallpaper – Everywhere you look – pumpkins! The bottom pumpkin is helping the top one stay balanced with his vines!

Pair of Pumpkins Wallpaper

#8 – Jack Skellington Pumpkin Carving – Makes sure you look in all directions, including up when you walk down Main Street U.S.A. You’ll see lots of carved pumpkins sitting on window ledges.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Carving

#9 – Spooky Disney Pumpkin – This spooky looking Jack-o’-lantern was sat in front of Cinderella Castle, and glows brightly as the sun goes down.

Spooky Disney Pumpkin

More Disney Phone Wallpapers

I have a few more sets of Disney Wallpapers that you are sure to love. Save your favorites to your phone and use them all year round!

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Disney Pumpkins Phone Wallpapers

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