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To celebrate Halloween, download a Purple Halloween iPhone Wallpaper and set it as your background for the spooky season! You don’t have a blog called The Purple Pumpkin Blog without loving pumpkins and the color purple for nothing you know, so these images are ones from my collection!

Purple Halloween iPhone Wallpapers as described in the blog post.

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Purple Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

If you love switching up the wallpaper on your iPhone (or indeed any other type of phone!) for the different seasons, holidays, or just because you’re bored, then download these purple Halloween phone wallpapers for the spooky season ahead!

We love Halloween here in the Pumpkin household and start decorating as early as August – I know, I know! I thought I’d share some photos of purple Halloween decorations that I have taken over the years that can be set as wallpapers on your phone.

And because these are photos I’ve taken, you won’t find these wallpapers available anywhere else! (And if you do, please let me know, because that’s not right!)

With so many screen sizes out there, it’s difficult for me to make them for every phone screen, but you could always just save these to your phone and see if they fit!

I am an iPhone user, so my instructions on how to use the wallpapers may be slightly different, but I think we all know how to do this on our devices right?

To download these Halloween wallpapers, simply open this post on your phone, tap and hold the image until the option box comes up, then tap save image. It’ll go into your camera roll where you can then set it as your wallpaper.

You may have to turn Perspective Zoom off and pinch to make it fit correctly.

You can of course, also right click and save the image to your computer to upload to your phone.

#1 Purple Pumpkin Wallpaper – a close up of a glittery sequined purple pumpkin that is my absolute favorite Halloween decoration!


#2 Purple Skull Wallpaper – I actually made this myself! Get the glitter skull tutorial here.


#3 The Original Purple Pumpkin Wallpaper – this here was my very first purple pumpkin!


#4 Purple Spiders Wallpaper – these funky spider lights glow a soft pinkish-purple!


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I have a lots more iphone wallpapers that you are sure to love – including lots of Disney ones! Save your favorites to your phone and use them all year round!

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