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And the final part of Storybook Dining at Artist Point is of course the characters!

You have to opportunity to meet Snow White, Grumpy, and Dopey during your meal as they walk around the tables to do their meet and greet.

The Evil Queen however, is too important to come to your table so she has her own area where you have to line up to meet her.

I don’t know if things are done differently now, but when we went you had people in a long line waiting to meet her which felt so out of place to me. I’m sure a better method could be devised, like taking people up table by table or being given a time (like we had at Club Villian at Hollywood Studios).

The Queen certainly played up her role of evil very well – and the stank face is on point!

We didn’t bother to go up and meet her – the line was always a bit long – so we just watched from our table as actually had a good line of vision of her!

The Evil Queen - Storybook Dining
The Evil Queen - Storybook Dining
The Evil Queen - Storybook Dining

From the photo that I took (above) it would seem that the Evil Queen is happy to sign autographs during Storybook Dining, which is rather nice of her don’t you think!

The rather rubbish photo below of Snow White shows the line of people in the background filling up the area, which also seemed to make it difficult for the other characters to traverse, as well as the Cast Members.


Our reservation was pretty late – around 9:30 if I recall correctly, and so by the time we finishing up our meal the restaurant had started to empty out. This gave the characters a chance to really play up with each other, and of all the Character Dining we have done over the years, this was up there as one of the best!

Grumpy was completely grumpy, stomping around, folding his arms, not really wanting to partake of anything – and Snow White would then wag her finger and tell him off!

Dopey was mischievous and funny and adorable! And Snow White was just lovely. Meeting all of these characters in the parks is pretty rare – I think the Seven Dwarfs only come out for Halloween and Christmas parties, and The Evil Queen for Halloween or special events.

You can meet Snow White at some of the other Princess character dining places like Akershus (Epcot) or Cinderella Castle (Magic Kingdom), as well as in the Germany pavilion at Epcot World Showcase

And the price of $55 (at the time, I believe it is now $60) is actually a pretty good price and I think well worth the money. If you or your kids love these characters I do recommend Storybook Dining!

It would be nice to see some of the remaining five dwarfs – Sleepy, Bashful, Doc, Happy, and Sneezy – as I’m sure Grumpy and Dopey could do with a break every so often!

Me with Grumpy (Selfie)
Steve with Grumpy
Steve with Dopey
Me with Dopey (Selfie)
Me with Snow White (Selfie)
Steve with Snow White (I’m so annoyed I missed focus!)

Storybook Dining at Artist Point »
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Bill: $115 + Tax: $6.73 + Tip: $21.77 = $143.50
10% DVC Member Discount: $11.50

Total Paid: $132

We received a 10% Disney Vacation Club Member discount on our which was handy – every little saving helps!

After paying our bill we said to goodbye to Snow White and the two Dwarfs and hung out in the lobby for a while before heading back to our room for our last sleep at Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge!

I’ll finish up with a few final pictures around the lobby and our walk back to our room. Just look how STUNNING that lobby is, and the sofas there are SO comfy!

Lobby at Wilderness Lodge
Little bridge over the start of the stream that flows through the resort
Owl Lantern
Native American Light Fixture
Walkway to Boulder Ridge Villas

And that’s it for Day 6 of Four Resorts, Two Festivals 2019! Tomorrow we move on over to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa and spend the day at Magic Kindom!

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