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Back to our room for one of the last times on this trip – and a view down the corridor down to the end – where our room was! But the view from our balcony was always nice!

View from our room

After packing most of our suitcases, we got showered and ready for dinner at Artist Point.

Artist Point used to be one of Disney’s Signature Restaurants, which means on the Dining Plan it was 2 table credits per person to dine here, and it had a smarter dress code too. While kids can eat at the Signatures, they do feel like more of an adult affair. We dined here on our 2015 trip.

However, with the new Copper Creek Cabins, I guess they felt it was time for a Character Dining Experience at this Disney Resort, and so Storybook Dining was born!

But it was quite a controversial decision for many fans of the restaurant, and that the Deluxe Resort would now be without a Signature Restaurant.

But Disney is gonna do what Disney wants, and so Artist Point reopened in December 2018 with Storybook Dining featuring Snow White, Grumpy, Dopey, and The Evil Queen.

Of all the Signature dining we have done at Walt Disney World (and we have done them all) Artist Point was probably our least favorite, so it being turned into something new was exciting for us – especially as we would be there when it was still pretty much brand new!

View of the restaurant

The restaurant itself remained largely unchanged, except for the addition of some forest theming with a tree and branches spread across the ceiling – which looked so pretty at night, all light up!

The menu is a prix fixe, which means one set price. At the time of dining, it was $55 per adult (and $33 per child aged 3-9). If you are on a Disney Dining Plan, it is 1 Credit.

You are served a selection of shared appetizers, choose a main dish, and a shared selection of desserts at the end. A soft drink is included. Specialty drinks and cocktails, as well as alcohol, are available at an extra charge.

Unlike other Character Dining experiences at Walt Disney World, this one feels a lot more immersive, which we really enjoyed.

Your menu is presented to you in a storybook, bound in a leather cover and the Disney storytelling begins…

Storybook Dining Menu

The first page of the menu reads:

Long long ago, in a forest enchanted, the seeds of the story we tell had been planted.

They grew from the soil this place that stands here, where someone like you might be wandering near.

With creatures and critters both friendly and foe a princess, a queen, and some friends you might know.

We’ve got merriment, music, and feasting to do and a place at the table that’s set just for you.

So gather around, take a seat, settle in – your dinner adventure’s about to begin!

The menu then lays out the appetizers, entrées, desserts, cocktails, non-alcoholic specialty drinks, beers, and wines. And the menu ends, with The End.

Overall I thought the menu was a lovely touch!


Storybook Dining at Artist Point »

The tables are laid with red napkins and an apple-shaped napkin ring – on the reverse of which are the character’s autographs, so that makes for a nice souvenir!

It also means that the characters can move around the tables more quickly too as they don’t have to sign autograph books. If you have one, they may still sign it, I’m not sure, it’s just another thing for Disney to speed things up sadly.

However, they do stop for pictures, and Snow White has a chit-chat with you, as do Grumpy and Dopey, who I know can’t speak, but have great non-verbal interaction!

Also on the table was a three-platform stand resembling a tree – this is for the appetizers and desserts to sit upon when served. The platforms were leaves, and the base was a gnarly tree trunk with little fairy lights in it.

Another nice element to the whole experience, and gets the plates out of the way too! You’ll have to excuse the shoddy photo of it, but it’s the only one I have!

Red Napkin & Apple Napkin Ring
Storybook Dining Character Autographs
Tree Stand
Tree Trunk Stand

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