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And The Story Begins…Shared Appetizers

  • Winter Squash Bisque – Caramel Lollipop, Granola
  • Hunter’s Pie – Chicken, Black Truffle, Stone Fruit Preserve
  • Wicked Shrimp Cocktail – Soy, Miso Avocado, Thai Chili, Greens
Winter Squash Bisque

The soup was served in little cast-iron cauldrons which were surprisingly heavy! The caramel lollipops were marshmallows on sticks which actually complemented the bisque. Not sure where the granola part was though!

The winter squash bisque was absolutely delicious and I would have happily had a full bowl of it! It was a little on the cooler side of warm which was a shame, but I do find that food at Disney is never quite hot enough. I’m going to have to hunt online to see if there is a copycat recipe for this soup!

Hunter’s Pie

Savoury pies are not much of a thing in the US as they are here in the UK, so I imagine this is a strange starter for Americans! The little hand-pies had buttery pastry and the filling was tasty. The sauce on the side tasted a bit like peach and went well the Hunter’s Pie.

Wicked Shrimp Cocktail - Storybook Dining
Wicked Shrimp Cocktail

Considering that these appetizers are for sharing, the Wicked Shrimp Cocktail was served in a rather strange way. The two huge shrimp were placed at the bottom of a jar with a hinged lid, and a little pair of tongs to take them out with.

I feel like these would be better served in their own individual pots per person, or in little bowls. I don’t remember too much about the flavour of these, so I guess they were pretty standard.

In the photo below you can see the tree stand in action.\

overhead shot of appetisers

The Core Of The Story Entrées

There was a choice of six main dishes including a seafood stew, a vegetarian pasta dish, roast chicken, mushroom risotto, and our choices below.

Me: Royal Prime Rib Roast – Horseradish-Mashed Potato, Hay-smoked Carrots, Popover, Jus

Steve: Magic Mirror Slow-braised Veal Shank – Celery Root Mashed, Wilted Winter Greens, Jus

Royal Prime Rib Roast
Royal Prime Rib Roast

We had seen a few vlogs about the food at Storybook Dining, and people had said that the prime rib was good. I was tossing between this and the pasta dish, but the beef won out!

I’m glad it did because it was delicious! It was a huge slab of beef, cooked perfectly, and the horseradish mash was yummy. Popovers, for us Brits are just Yorkshire Pudding – always got to have one with a bit of roast beef! And Jus is just a fancy word for gravy!

Once again, on the cooler side, and I did actually mention this to our server who gave some sort of reason and offered to swap it out. Which I did, but it was the same, so I just have to face it that Disney just does not serve really hot food!

Regardless, it was a great entrée and it’s still on the menu at the time of writing so I highly recommend it!

Steve decided on the lamb shank which he said was very good, and a very generous portion too. The meat was tender and flavorful and it may be a seasonal menu item as I just checked the 2020 menu and it’s currently a pork shank.

Magic Mirror Slow-braised Veal Shank

Sweet Endings Shared Desserts

  • Miner’s Treasures – Sponge Cake, Chocolate Gems, and Buttercream Icing
  • Fairy Tale Gooseberry Pie – Meringue, Gooseberry
  • “Poison” Apple – White Chocolate-Apple Mousse, Sour Center
  • The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen – Cracked Maple Popcorn, Ganache Heart
Miner's Treasures - Storybook Dining
Miner’s Treasures

Onto the desserts which were also shared, and oh so very cute too! The Miner’s Treasures were little shot glasses filled with cake and frosting and chocolate rock candy and topped off with a chocolate dwarf hat. They tasted delish – like a cupcake in a glass!

The gooseberry pies, which were more compote with meringue on top than actual pie, were AMAZING – and definitely the best of the desserts! We both love them and would have happily had a full portion of just this dessert. Sweet, yet tart and scrummy!

Fairy Tale Gooseberry Pie - Storybook Dining
Fairy Tale Gooseberry Pie
Poison Apple - Storybook Dining
“Poison Apple”
Poison Apple - Storybook Dining

The red apple-shaped chocolate mousse with a slightly sour center (the “poison”) were so pretty to look at, but over in two bites – one if you have a big mouth!

And the final dessert, which actually came out after the other three, towards the end of our dining experience – actually, I think they came with the bill.

Our server presented us with a box with golden popcorn and two red chocolate hearts, to mimic when the hunter gave the queen a pig’s heart and not Snow Whites, in the movie.

Overall the desserts were good – but that gooseberry pie though… *chef’s kiss*

The Hunter's Gift to the Queen
The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen

I did mention that [refillable, soft] drinks are included in the price, but there is also the option to purchase alcohol, as well as cocktails and specialty non-alcoholic drinks.

The cocktails included – Enchanted Apple with citrus vodka, sour apple, and cranberry juice; The Antidote with rum, agave, and ginger beer; Evil to the Core with tequila, habanero, blackberry, and orange juice; and The Smoking Mirror with Scotch, wildberry, lime, and rosemary smoke.

I stuck with the included drink, but Steve decided to order the Transformation Potion – Lemonade with Blue Potion ($5).

It was essentially a glass of fresh lemonade (still rather than sparkling) with a shot glass of blue liquid that you had to pour into the glass and then stir with a blue sugar stirrer. Sugar overload for sure!

It did look pretty when mixed together – but essentially a magical glass of lemonade! Kids will love it!

Transformation Potion - Storybook Dining
Transformation Potion – Pre-Mixed
Transformation Potion - Storybook Dining
Transformation Potion – Mixed

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