Nintendo Party Food Labels

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All that party food that I took out of packets or made from scratch for the Nintendo themed birthday party I threw for my son, needed labels! One, because I came up with names for all the dishes, and two, because I thought it was fun!

I’ve provided the party food labels here for you to print out and use at your own Nintendo themed event, and if you do use them, I would LOVE to see your photos too! Please just comment on any of my Nintendo party posts with a link to your blog/photo album etc.

For the Mario and Luigi pizza I simply opened up shop bought pizza and bunged it in the oven!

My donuts were store bought too…

Buy some potato salad, or make your own – it’s all good!

Same for the coleslaw!

Here’s the post on how I made the Kirby Korn Dogs.

I poured milkshake into mini milk bottles to get Lon Lon Ranch Milk.

Here’s the post on how I made Diddy Kong’s Peanut Shooter Dip.

Here’s the post about my Piranha Plant and Super Mushroom Salad.

I made a batch of Starman Cupcakes and a batch of Mini Starman Cakes.

Here’s the post to make Super Mushroom and 1-Up Mushroom Marshmallow Pops.

My Bob-Omb Dip was a store bought dip – you choose whichever you fancy!

Here’s how I make my nachos…Delfino Nachos.

And the 1-Up Dip to go with the nachos.

Link’s ultimate revenge on the Cuccos…Barbeque Cucco Wings!

And finally, some store bought dough balls belonging to Donkey Kong!

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