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On my blog viewing ventures I often come across adorable mini milk bottles, and was able to source some (finally!) a few months ago. I put them in a cupboard to use at some point…and forgot all about them.

As I was having a tidy up of my party ware, I spied them and it then dawned on me that in Zelda games, Link visits Lon Lon Ranch and drinks the milk from their cows to regain energy.

Mini milk bottles…milk…custom labels – too cute! And the perfect drink for my son’s Nintendo themed birthday party!

I set to work designing a label to go around the mini milk bottles, here is what the bottles look like in the game, Zelda: Ocarina of Time [Best. Game. Ever!]

[Source: Zelda Wiki]

And here is the label that I designed…I found a clip art cow face online and downloaded a font called Daidoh Remix JKA which came from Dafont. The left side text says Lon Lon, or LN, LN (but I actually used different letters as I preferred the shape), the right side text does spell out milk, and the text under the cow spells out Hyrule.

Download the Lon Lon Ranch Milk Label


I wrapped each label around the bottles and secured at the back with a bit of tape. I then poured ready made milk shake (chocolate and banana) into each bottle. It was fabulous that they also came in their own little crate! *swoons*


Added some straws…


And a label…


Went down a storm – everyone loved how cute the bottles were!



I just LOVED how these turned out! I wish I could drink Lon Lon Ranch Milk every day ^_^

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