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Party Food for a Nintendo Themed Party


Can’t have a party without food, and with a Nintendo party going on, you know I’m going to do my best to theme the food up!

Food for a Nintendo Themed Birthday Party!

I bought some food – pizza – Mario Meat Feast and Luigi Cheese Feast, dough balls, coleslaw, potato salad and dips, but made it fun by given everything Nintendo names and made food labels for everything too.

I found a recipe for corn dogs and had a go at making them, which was fun, and they tasted great too – everyone loved them! I called them Kirby Korn Dogs!

Boring old salad leaves had some radishes added to it and became Piranha Plant and Super Mushroom Salad!

I made a big bowl of Delfino Nachos (Delfino is where Mario goes on vacation in Super Mario Sunshine!) and made my own guacamole dip called 1-Up Dip.

I poured a bottle of BBQ sauce over some chicken wings and they became Barbeque Cucco Wings (Cuccos being the birds in Zelda games that Link can get attacked by if getting wayward with his sword ^_-)

Staying in Hyrule, I poured milkshake into some mini milk bottles and made Lon Lon Ranch Milk.

I was going to make some cake pops in the shape of Nintendo characters, but I ran out of time and made quicker, easier, marshmallow pops instead in the form of Super Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms.

I made a sweet creamy peanut dip and called it Diddy Kong’s Peanut Shooter Dip and served it with shaped Sugar Cookies.

And I served up a bowlful of mini doughnuts – from Donut Plains of course! (A level in Super Mario World on the SNES)

For the birthday boy’s birthday cake I made 13 Starman Cupcakes, and with the leftover cake mix, made some mini Starman cakes.

I’ll be sharing the recipes soon, so check back soon for updates!

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