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Here’s how I decorated the room for my son’s Nintendo themed birthday party

I had a bunch of little plastic figurines of Nintendo characters – Donkey Kong, Mario and all his gang and a shed load of Pokémon. So wherever I could find a suitable place for them to go…they went!

I had some heart shaped napkins left over from Valentine’s Day, that I stuck to the front of the TV unit which became a health meter from Zelda games ^_^

I lucked out and found some Mario party ware in a local supermarket, table cloth, napkins, cups and plates.

And they also sold a chequered flag banner which went around the door frame and was fab because we were having a Mario Kart Tournament!

You can see the little trophies that I bought that I sat atop star shaped podiums (the stars were leftover from my Starman Hangers). I wrote on the front of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Just a silly bit of fun!

And finally, making use of a Donkey Kong plush we have and the bongo drums from a DK game on the Gamecube…

Plus there was all the party decor and things that I made…

Yoshi’s Eggs

Boo Balloons

Mario Mustache Disguises

Nintendo character flags

Food labels

Lon Lon Ranch Milk Bottles

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