Mini Starman Cakes

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If you have read my last post about the Starman Cupcakes that I made for my son’s Nintendo themed birthday party you will know that I used the left over mixture to make some mini Starman cakes (I hate wasting stuff!)

Mini Super Mario Starman Cakes


So using the vanilla cupcake batter that I made, I put spoonfuls into some tiny silicone star shaped cake cases that I have.


I had to just judge the timing for these as they were quite small – so I started with 10 minutes and that was long enough for them to be cooked.

Once cooled, I tipped them out of the cases and had to slice off the dome top that rose up during the cooking so that I could lay them flat on a plate to serve.

I used a black food pen to draw on some eyes and turn ordinary stars into Starman!


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