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Honey is something that a lot of people love to indulge in. Fabulously sweet and with a range of health benefits, people use it in recipes, eat is as it is, add it to various drinks, and even use it in skincare products.

Cooking with Honey

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However, it is not just people who love honey – it is also something that is very appealing to bears, as demonstrated by the famous Winnie-the-Pooh. Many bears will go that extra mile to get their huge paws on honey as and when they get the chance, as has been proven by bears in Turkey who took to raiding the beehives of a part-time beekeeper from Trazbon, Ibrahim Sedef. According to reports released last year, bears were making the life of the beekeeper very difficult by destroying hives in order to try and get to the delicious prize at the end – the honey.

Winnie the Pooh

Giving the Bears a Purpose

Photos in this post for illustrative purposes and not of the actual bears in the story.

Like many other beekeepers, Sedef tried a variety of possible solutions to try and keep the bears at bay and stop them from causing damage and destruction. This included using metal caging to try and protect the hives and even leaving bread and fruit out for the bears in the hope of stopping them from raiding the hives for honey. However, the bears continued to pose an issue. So, Sedef decided to try a different approach to make the best of a bad situation – give the bears jobs as honey tasters.


In order to put his plan into action, the beekeeper set up some cameras in the area where the hives were in the fall of 2019. He did this to make it easier for him to learn more about the bears and their behavior as well as their movements. Using the knowledge he gleaned from the video footage coupled with the fact that bears really do know their honey, he then set up a system where the bears could get what they wanted and he, the beekeeper, could also benefit.


Bears with Exquisite and Expensive Tastes!

So, when it was time to put the bears to work, Sedef set up a table in the area with four different types of honey placed on it. He then let the bears pick and choose which honey to go for from the selection that was put out on the table. According to Sedef, they went for the most expensive honey, which was the Anzer. At times, they wouldn’t even go near some of the other honey variations such as the cherry blossom one. The expensive one that the bears developed a real taste for sells for around $150 per pound.   


Seeing the photos and footage the beekeeper released is fascinating. It shows the table laid out with four different types of honey, each of which is labelled. The footage then shows exactly which honey the bears go for first and what level of interest they pay to the other variations. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them, and this is exactly what the beekeeper did by providing the thieving bears with honey rather than leaving them to destroy hives to get it. And, there is little doubt that the bears themselves are thrilled with their new job!

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