Green St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

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I made one batch of vanilla cupcakes and used that batter to make two different kinds of cupcakes for my St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party.

First up, are the green cupcakes…

As I said, I whipped up a batch of vanilla cupcakes – my tried and trusted recipe which makes around 18 cupcakes. I then added 200g of chocolate chunks (or chips, whatever you can get your hands on! It’s a lot of chocolate, but it’s worth it!) and coloured the batter green with food colouring :D

Into cupcake lined tins the mixture went, until golden, greenen :D

Onto a wire rack to cool and then decorated with butter icing which I coloured green (of course!) You will only need half of the mixture given in the linked recipe.

I smeared the butter icing on with a pallet knife and then sprinkled some with green and black sprinkles and the rest topped with some Irish toppers I found in a craft shop (non-edible).

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