‘Guinness’ and ‘Irish Coffee’ Chocolate Pudding

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I am not doing much for St. Patrick’s Day this year, but am re-sharing our shenanigans from our 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party! Up next, desserts…

Neither of these desserts contain alcohol, but they make quick, easy and fun desserts for a St. Patrick’s Day party – especially for kids.

All you need is a pack(s) of chocolate Angel Delight and some Dream Topping. Make up according to the instructions – the chocolate pudding mix first and put into a suitable glass or bowl. (As it happens I’ve got some half pint glasses that the ‘Guinness’ pudding went into.) Leave to set and then make up the Dream Topping (or you could use whipped cream), spoon on top and level off. Mark out a shamrock shape with a toothpick and your dessert is prepared! Takes all of about half an hour, if that, including setting time since Angel Delight sets in about 5 minutes.

To make this one boozy, all you would need to do is make a chocolate mousse which contains either Guinness or Whiskey – both of which compliment chocolate :) Whether you could cheat and add a spoonful of either of those alcohols to Angel Delight is any one’s guess…try it and see >_>

I had some Irish coffee glasses too…


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